How To Channel Your Activist Energy In 2018, According To Your Sign

Remember the night before the 2016 election, when everyone was like, Thank god this will be over soon? Ha ha! Our 2016 selves were such jokers. In 2017, we witnessed DACA’s rescindment, a Nazi resurgence, Paul Ryan wax nostalgic about his youthful dreams (of throwing seniors off health care), daily sexual harassment allegations, and an alleged sexual-assaulter-in-chief who doles out racist nicknames like candy. (When he’s not hastening a potential nuclear war, that is.)

Many of us want to #Resist. The larger astrological moment suggests we are moving swiftly toward a point of great and irreversible change. The stars work in conjunction with our free will. What that change looks like is up to us, whether we #Resist and whether we build toward a non-dystopian future.
This year’s astrology supports shaking off the paralysis and getting down to work. With rigorous Saturn entering its own sign, Capricorn, the U.S. will be deciding whether to keep our leaders or toss ‘em out. Government structures will come into question and each of us will have intense focus for goals that matter. This is the year to sweat like an activist. Pick your battle and get a move on!

Ahead, find your sign’s activist cause.

Cause: reproductive rights

Why: As an independent Aries, you believe it’s our right to have sex for fun and that baby-making should be an empowering choice. You have the balls (or eggs!) to take on haters, and it really raises your dander to see vulnerable people get attacked. This makes you the perfect clinic escort. Even if you don’t fit the uber-confident Aries stereotype, you make the client you’re supporting feel like Superwoman.

What you can do now: Check out Planned Parenthood volunteer opportunities, call your local abortion provider, and read more about becoming a clinic escort here.

Cause: police brutality and racism

Why: You are your value system, Taurus, and what you value most is human life. You feel the wrongness of police violence in your bones. The Bull in you pushes on power until power backs away with its hands up. Your self-protective side keeps you out of too much trouble, and you have a gift for identifying winnable fights. All this makes you rock-solid for protest and civil disobedience.

What you can do now: Look up the next Black Lives Matter action in your area. Or skip the direct action and apply Campaign Zero’s simple legal strategy locally.

Cause: prisoner and detainee issues

Why: You love meeting new people and are the definition of approachable. Your gift for written gab could mean a lot to someone who’s detained, without connection to the normal events of the outside world. A lot of prisoners and immigrants in detainment centers are looking for pen pals. It might seem like a small kind of activism, but you of all people know what a big difference a friendly note can make.

What you can do now: Connect with a local religious organization, like HIAS(in DC and NYC), to support detainees or an organization like Black and Pinkfor writing to LGBTQ+ prisoners.

Cause: hunger

Why: When we are fed, we feel taken care of and loved. You’ve probably known that since you were a little kid. One of your strongest drives is to care for others and the most direct way to do that is by filling up a plate of food for someone who is hungry. The simple act of cooking at a soup kitchen, in turn, feeds your heart.

What you can do now: Head to the next volunteer orientation at your local shelter or food bank.

Cause: youth/girls’ empowerment

Why: With your combination of dead-serious passion and hardcore play, your inner kid is close at hand. Hanging out with our next generation of world-changers is a no-brainer. Lead girls or LGBTQ+ kids from your own background in creative ways that inspire their confidence. (Even shy Leos make others feel like stars.)

What you can do now: Call your local youth organization, like Young Women Empowered in Seattle or the Lower East Side Girls Club in NYC, and offer to lead an activity you’re passionate about.

Cause: gerrymandering

Why: Virgo is the sign of nitty-gritty details, personal ethics, and making the numbers add up. One place the numbers are not adding up lately is in voting districts. This is also a place where your down-to-earth willingness to work can make a substantial difference. That work is often the unsexy labor of getting petitions signed, but the effect — a more perfect voting system — is worth it.

What you can do now: Research fair districting campaigns in your state, like this one in Ohio, and sign yourself up to get signatures.

Cause: LGBTQ+ rights

Why: Your sign has a reputation for being all makeup kits and doodled hearts, but you know the most beautiful thing in the world is justice. LGBTQ+ equality resonates with your belief in the right to pleasure, kindness, and acceptance, as well as Libra’s affinity with gender identity. Your rational approach works magic on both explaining laws and teaming up to change them.

What you can do now: Apply to volunteer with Lambda Legal, providing legal help or organizing fundraisers in your area.

Cause: domestic violence

Why: Your life’s great project is about handling fear and power. Those inner battles have gifted you with an unshockable, unshakeable empathy for people in crisis. Especially people with difficult secrets. Others instinctively trust you; you return that trust with a kind of emotional presence the wounded need. You thrive in one-on-one connection, making you the ideal volunteer at a domestic violence shelter or hotline.

What you can do now: Call the domestic violence center in your area or sign up for a local crisis counseling training.

Cause: fighting Islamophobia and anti-Semitism

Why: Human beings belong to a single diverse, inspiring, sometimes terrible family. You easily see how connected we are; it’s the source of your great faith. That’s why bigotry lights such a fire in you. Your knowledge, sense of humor, and that faith again means you get why people adopt hateful beliefs. This also makes you a dream teacher for changing minds.

What you can do now: Hook up with a local faith organization doing educational outreach around religious intolerance.

Cause: government reform

Why: The unofficial Capricorn motto is, “I guess I’ll goddamned do it myself.” Institutions are not the enemy; bad and broken institutions are. If you don’t like what you see, step up and take care of it. That’s right, Cappy. Run for something! You’re a natural, if reluctant, leader and you crave the opportunity to achieve goals of great social worth. You knowwhat your ideal city council member would do, so step up and be the one.

What you can do now: Educate yourself on the process of running for elected office via She Should Run.

Cause: climate change

Why: You see the future as clearly as if in a crystal ball. The temperature will rise, the oceans will rise, and the world will change unrecognizably much faster than we think. You’re not an oracle; you’re just cursed/blessed with a cool head. This gift also means that while the rest of us panic like beheaded land-fowl, you see the potential for positive change via innovation, technology, and collective action. Your insight paired with your ease in groups makes you a natural environmental activist.

What you can do now: Find or start a 350 group in your community to get us on a path toward 100% renewables.

Cause: homelessness and addiction

Why: What gives life meaning is either invisible or hidden in plain sight. You’re always listening for the music of that other place. This makes you especially sensitive to the people and experiences society treats as invisible. With your sign’s affinity to mental illness and addiction, you may have a strong empathy for people with similar struggles. Volunteering at a shelter, building homes, and doing street outreach would let you help others feel found.

What you can do now: Sign up to learn construction skills with Women Build or look for a street outreach organization in your area.

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