Hundreds Of Students Honored Their Teacher With The Haka & It Was Absolutely Breathtaking

Teachers don’t often get the recognition that they deserve. Their pay doesn’t always reflect their hard work, their students can sometimes be difficult, and they are responsible for both the textbook and moral education of the youth. Teachers sure have a lot of responsibilities!

But like becoming a police officer or a firefighter, becoming a teacher is a calling. One’s heart must be poured into the job every day. People who become teachers often stick to the job for many years, even decades!

One such teacher is a man named John Adams, who spent 30 years as a teacher and then as a guidance counselor at the Palmerston North Boys’ High School in New Zealand. He recently announced his retirement after 30 years on the job.

But his time dedicated to the school and students wasn’t left unnoticed. He was honored at an assembly, where all the young boys were gathered and they performed an emotional farewell Haka dance in his honor.

The Haka is an ancient Maori war dance, but is . The dance, which is comprised of foot stomping, yelling, fist-pounding, and many fierce facial expressions, is common knowledge in New Zealand.

Now watch the clip, and you’re sure to feel a tingle down your spine.

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