If He Does Not Do These 14 Clingy Things, He Is Not Your Forever Person

Being with your forever person is different than other relationships you’ve been in. This one’s different and he treats you differently. Here are 13 signs that you’ve found that person that worth making the effort of forever with:

1. He makes you feel good about yourself

When you’re around him, you just feel like you’re an all around awesome human and when you leave after being around him, you just feel happier.

2. He tells you he loves you (and means it)

He doesn’t just assume you know he loves you. He makes sure you know by saying the words out loud.

3. He makes life fun

You don’t love him so much because of the things that you do together. It’s because those things are more fun because you do them together.

4. He wipes away your tears

Even if you’re only crying because the hormones are hitting hard, he doesn’t discount your pain. It hurts him to see you suffer and he’s there to make things better.

5. He’s miss-able

When you don’t see him, you miss him because your life is that much better when he’s in it.

6. He thinks you’re crazy beautiful

Maybe you don’t think you’re supermodel status but in his eyes, you might as well be.

7. He includes you

Your forever person wants you to be involved in his life. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t value his independence, but it does mean he makes space for you to be a part of his life.

8. He doesn’t make you wonder

You don’t have to question his actions or motives because he’s a person you can trust with confidence.

9. He fights fair

Arguing doesn’t indicate your relationship is fatal, but fighting dirty does. He’s your forever person if he fights with consideration and looks for compromise.

10. He drops everything for you

You are his #1 priority over work, his mom, your kids and even himself. If you need something, he makes sacrifices for you because you’re who’s most important to him.

11. He values the same things as you

One of the most important indicators that he’s your forever person is that he shares your values. Finding someone who has the same morals and priorities can be challenging, but it’s fundamental to a lasting relationship.

12. He wants you to be his kids’ mom

Basically, he fantasizes about your future family and is enamored with the idea of you being the momma of his children.

13. He shows you his vulnerable pieces

You know you can trust him because of the trust that he puts in – your forever person shares his weaknesses with you because he loves and trusts you.

14. He keeps trying to win your heart

He knows that just because he’s “got the girl,” it doesn’t mean he believes he’s got her forever. He’s your forever person because he puts effort into making you his forever person.

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