Insanely Realistic Glass Animal Sculptures By Grant Garmezy

Grant Garmezy (of Garmezy Glass) is an international glass sculptor who creates remarkable animals entirely out of glass. Any animal! Including those that are extinct (like dinosaurs) and mythical creatures (like dragons).

Grant sculpts two thousand degree molten glass into super detailed animals, and new videos are posted weekly.

“The first time I felt the heat of the glass and saw its glow I knew I would be a glass artist.”

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Grant Garmezy grew up on a working farm outside of Nashville, Tennessee. As long as he can remember, he’s been fascinated with the arts and working with his hands to create things. His artistic career began when he was very young, taking drawing classes with a local illustrator.


He became serious while in his teens, and spent multiple summers at intensive arts programs for high school students. His passion to pursue a career in the arts led Grant to Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Richmond. He originally intended to focus on jewelry and small-scale metals, but once he wandered into the glass studio, he discovered a love for the molten material.

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Grant has never been attracted to making functional glass items; instead he has always been drawn to its sculptural qualities. Unlike other materials, glass cannot be sculpted with your hands – artists must use special tools, timing, and gravity to manipulation the two thousand degree material, which is constantly moving while hot.


Grant is drawn to depicting animal imagery and natural forms when sculpting. When he first started, he found passion in the challenge to capture the physical features of animals, but he now strives to capture expression and movement in the work in order to elevate the work from a sculpture to a story.


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