Japanese Company Creates The Purrrfect Sandals For Crazy Cat Lovers

A Japanese company called Nyara Geta has introduced some cleverly-shaped sandals to the market

These cat-shaped sandals are a modern twist to the traditional Japanese footwear called Geta which looks like a mixture of clogs and flip-flops.

The name of the company is also a word-play

Adding a modern twist to traditional Japanese sandals, these slippers are made from a soft material called EVA instead of traditional wooden material. Needless to say, these sandals will definitely be more comfortable on your feet throughout the warm summer days.

One pair of these sandals cost 3,780 yen which is around $35

There are now 9 different designs of these sandals and they are usually paired with a summer kimono for a finished look.


More info: Nyara Gata


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