Lady Gaga Explains How The Elite Creates Division And Spreads Hatred Among The Masses

The world has come to a point where we are forced to think about where we are going!

We are so divided as a society that we have forgotten to care about each other. We are so deeply engrossed in being different that we have forgotten that we are more alike than we are unlike.

We have created these divisions on the basis of race, religion, gender, culture, sexual orientation, food choices, beliefs and so many other things. We are so divided that the mainstream media capitalize on this situation and further divides us.

We have built an ecosystem of hate and fear. This is why our rhetoric is constantly moving towards defining and reiterating Us and Them when we could easily be talking about We.


She says, “We need to shift the perspective. The solution is that we need to build a kinder and braver world. We need to get rid of those labels, these different factions, gay, straight, rich, poor, mentally ill, not mentally ill, gun owner, not a gun owner.

None of this can matter anymore. We are unified in our humanity and the only thing that we all know, we all appreciate in one another is a kindness.”


The first thing that I thought when I saw the video was how apt her message is at the current times. We live in the world of labels; we label each other into types as if we are products.

When we label, we work on stereotypes that we have internalized and we have internalized them to a degree where we don’t even realize that stereotypes are a part of our common sense. The materialist- capitalist world makes us think in a certain way which makes us more unequal than ever.

The thing is that the capitalist system makes us feel different from each other; then it fortifies that difference. Once that difference has been established in our brain as hegemony, the system capitalizes on it for its own benefits.

We are merely used as pawns in this larger scheme of money making. But the worst part is that we don’t realize that we are being manipulated. We don’t deny this manipulation. Instead, we are becoming victims of it and happily so. We are also working on the differences that these systems are trying to instill in us.

We are affected by them so much that it has become easier for us to hate each other. We indulge in pulling each other down for our own benefit and we try to compete with each other in this race of being better than each other.

But the important thing to remember is that all these differences are created and fabricated by systems who wish to influence us. We have to stop being influenced.

We have to realize that we need to see beyond the differences. When we meet each other, we should try and search for the similarities. We should try and see the things and emotions that bring us together.

We should try to be less judgmental towards each other and we should not let stereotypes or labels dictate our belief system.

Most importantly, we should celebrate each others’ differences. If you have to hate something, hate war, hate poverty, hate illiteracy. Hate the evils that affect and harm the world but don’t hate each other. Hate won’t help anyone; it will only lead to war.

On the contrary, strive for hope. Hope is exactly what we need. We need to hope for a better world; a better world must surely be a more equal and inclusive world.

Source: Gostica


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