Little Girl Can’t Stay Mad With Squeaky Shoes On

We’re not sure why, exactly, little Yeseo is so upset, but in this video, the toddler absolutely refuses to look at her dad. Every time he tries to go around her, she moves to face a different direction — which causes her shoes to squeak loud and clear.

It makes her very serious sulking seem very silly; and after a while, it’s impossible for her to resist busting out into a big smile. The giggles are quick to follow, and all is right in the world again.

There’s a reason this video is so amazing: It’s a great reminder of how something sweet and silly can completely turn your day around. Duly noted and thank you very much!

Next time everything feels wrong and we worry we will never smile/laugh/love again, we will just put on our squeakiest shoes and let our kicks work their squeak-magic.

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