Little Girl With Alopecia Rocks School’s ‘Crazy Hair Day’

You remember Crazy Hair Day at school, right? You may have put some funky temporary dye in your hair, or got your parents to help you sport Pippi Longstocking pigtails.

But, what do you do when you don’t have any hair? This seven-year-old shows us how you can still win Crazy Hair Day when you don’t have hair to make crazy.

This is seven-year-old Gianessa Wride of Salem, Utah.

Daniella Wride

She has a medical condition called alopecia, in which the hair begins to fall out in round patches.

Her mom, Daniella Wride, noticed her hair falling out while she was brushing her hair one morning. Soon, her hair was completely gone.

Daniella, a nurse, believes Gianessa’s hair loss was triggered by immense stress from her grandmother’s death.

When crazy hair day at school rolled around, Gianessa and her mom, Daniella, were understandably nervous.

After all, how do you do crazy hair when you have none? But, determined to get involved regardless, the little girl certainly didn’t let her lack of hair stop her and rocked the most amazing look for the themed-day.

With the help of her mom, Gianessa’s scalp was transformed into a beautiful piece of art that left many of her classmates envious of her dazzling look.

Her classmates were starstruck by her sparkling jewels, and her ensemble ended up seeing her crowned the winner on the day.

“She opened the car door in the car drop-off lane and kids were already telling her that it was amazing and awesome and that they wish they could do it and that it looked so great,” Daniella explained.

“When she got home from school she told me they all told her that they absolutely loved her crazy hair.”

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