Mars Going Into Direct Motion Today, How This Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

When Mars goes into direct motion on August 27th, it enters the sign of Capricorn and we will experience an awakening. A jolt will course through us, forcing us to move and take action once more. We may have felt as if we were in a deep mystical slumber riddled with anxiety because we may have wondered if we were ever going to awaken from it.

Aries, you will be the most recharged since Mars will be squaring your Ascendant. A lightning bolt will strike you and you will feel revitalized and ready to take on the world.

Taurus, there will be motivation and you will feel confident enough to take on those pending projects. A great time to begin initiatives now that Mars is trine your Ascendant.

Gemini, this is the moment to get focused and feel the wave of clarity settle in. Mars is in your 8th, so you may feel some motivation to remain low key for a while or take on the world with your ideas. You never know with the Gemini.

Cancer, the opposition to your Ascendant makes you want to reach out to friends or to nourish your current romantic relationships. Expect a boost in your social life.

Leo, a great time to get to work to earn those accolades either in school or to be the best employee at work. Lots of restructuring headed your way.

Virgo, your birthday season looms and with Mars in your 5th House of partying, expect a good time to reconnect and enjoy the wonders of socializing or just appreciating those close friends and family members that have been there for you.

Libra, a perfect time to get your creative projects moving forward. Like Taurus, use that Venus energy to make those wonderful ideas come alive. You might be sought for your input and intellect this month.

Scorpio, your words might cut more than usual. Take the time to digest things before lashing out at those who may have wronged you. With Mars trine your Ascendant and lighting up your third, you might be filled with innovative ideas or have mastered new techniques of communicating.

Sagittarius, be wary of how much you spend since Mars is now in your second. Make a spreadsheet and track those expenses. It’s a good time to start looking into methods of saving.

Capricorn, you will feel driven with Mars in your 1st. The fighter spirit has been reawakened. It’s time to take on the world and show everyone who is on top. Conquer the world this fall.

Aquarius, you might feel a bit reserved and in an analytical mood. Take this time to relax and chill after an exciting Summer. Don’t worry, you’ll be back in the spotlight soon enough.

Pisces, social scenes are important. Expect meeting powerful people and making new connections. You’re the social butterfly of the month, so enjoy!

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