Meet Bowie, Simply The Coolest Rescue Kitty

David Bowie left behind an amazing musical legacy that the world will not forget about any time soon. Besides being a musician he was actually a cat-lover as well. This little kitten, who was named after the influential rockstar, was left abandoned and alone in 2018. Luckily, a veterinarian’s office in Spain took him in and he turned out to be a very playful kitten. He then soon found his new forever home when he met Maria Lloret. Because of his beautiful colored eyes, she immediately knew she had to name him Bowie. This is where they’re adventure began!

Take a look at these sweet images of Bowie as a little kitten when he just arrived at Maria’s

What characterizes Bowie is his sweet and sassy personality. He loves to play but when there’s a camera around, he will turn up his charm and show his best side.

Late 2018, Maria started sharing pictures of her little cutie online. After this, it didn’t take long before cat lovers all over the world noticed this two-color eyed handsome baby.

Bowie the cat

Bowie the cat

As you can see in the picture below, Bowie is quite the adventure seeker! 

Bowie the cat

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