Meet Wiley, The Dalmatian With A Heart-Shaped Nose The Internet Has Fallen In Love With

This thief doesn’t even try to hide what he just stole from you. Yes, you’ve guessed right, this cute little pup has just stolen your heart and is proudly wearing it on his face.

This adorable little baby is named Wiley. He is a Dalmatian with a heart-shaped spot on his nose.

Ever since Wiley was young, the heart-shaped spot has been very distinguishable.

Lexi Smith, Wiley’s human mama, wasn’t sure if the heart-shaped spot would fade or not as he grew bigger but luckily, the cute little heart stayed in place; it even became more prominent.

Not only does Wiley have a big heart on his nose, but he also has one in his chest. He’s a very sweet and fun-loving puppy.

Wiley has over twenty thousand Instagram followers so it’s safe to say that being shy is not one of his characteristics. The fact that he’s very photogenic helps too.

Want to see more of this adorable pup? Follow him on his Instagram.

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