Men Are Programmed To Look For These 16 Things In A Woman

What is it that a man looks for in a woman when it comes to dating? Is it your pretty face or your good sense of humor? He notices a lot of things about you when he first sees you, but it’s the looks that really catches his attention. It’s not a surprise that men are attracted to gorgeous women. It’s how he decides whether he wants to approach you or not. Once he’s over that, everything changes. There are more important things he looks for in a woman when he wants to be in a long-term relationship.

A pretty face and a smokin’ body aren’t enough for him to want to date you and possibly make a family with you unless he’s very shallow. Confidence is universally attractive, and men want to be with a confident woman because it shows that you’re self-assured. He wants to be with someone who makes him laugh, so he looks for a woman with a good sense of humor. Communication is a top priority for everyone — it can either make or break a relationship.

Every man has his own preferences when choosing a partner, but here’s the list of 17 things any man will notice and want to get to know you more.

1. Smooth, Soft Hair That Makes Him Want To Run His Fingers Through It

You’ve probably heard that most men are more drawn to women with long lustrous hair than short hair because it’s feminine. Every man has his own preference when it comes to hair length, but most importantly, he looks for smooth and soft hair that makes him want to run his fingers through it. Many women put a lot of time and effort into styling their hair, but sadly, not many men notice it when you dye your hair two shades lighter or darker. He might not notice when you cut your hair two inches shorter, either, but he’ll definitely notice when your hair looks greasy or when it feels dry. He wants healthy-looking hair that also smells amazing. When you take good care of your hair, it shows that you’re confident with your appearance.

2. Eyes That Speak For Themselves During A Conversation

Your eyes are one of the most common things a man notices when he sees you for the first time. There’s a saying that your eyes are the windows to your soul. He pays attention to your eyes because they can tell a lot about who you are and your emotions during a conversation. He can tell when you’re nervous and even when you’re lying. When you put on a smile, he can tell if it’s genuine or fake. Your eyes don’t lie. If you catch him staring at you longer than necessary, then it’s probably because he’s trying to read you. Your eyes can communicate even if you don’t say a word to him. Because eyes can speak louder than words, he might be able to tell if you’re interested in him or not.

3. Physical Attractiveness: A Pretty Face And Perfect Lady Curving

It sounds shallow, but physical attraction is important. Ultimately, it’s what starts it all. It’s not to say physical attraction is everything when it comes to dating, but it matters just like there needs to be an emotional attraction in a relationship. Both attractions impact men, but he already knows if he finds you attractive or not after he takes one look at you. When he likes what he sees appearance-wise, he wants to know more about you and spend time with you. He already finds you attractive, and he wants to see if there’s also a deep connection with you. Look — this doesn’t mean you should feel insecure. Every man has different tastes and preferences for what they find attractive in a woman. We’ve all heard the phrase, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

4. The Way You Can Hold A Conversation On An Intellectual Level

We’re guilty of talking about celebrities or the latest fashion trends, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Men love to talk about sports all the time, but when a man wants to settle down and build a family, he values intelligence over looks. You might find this hard to believe because men are known to be intimidated by intelligent women, and they tend to run away from them even though they say they want to date one. It’s different if he’s thinking of a long-term relationship. He finds intelligence sexy, and he gets turned on by stimulating conversations. He wants to be with a woman who challenges him intellectually — who can talk about complex topics and have deep conversations with him. Overall, he looks for intelligence in a woman because it shows that you’ll be reliable as a mother.

5. A Dazzling Smile And A Laugh That Make Him Weak In The Knees

Most men think a woman is more attractive with a genuine smile. It’s no wonder a smile is at the top of the list of what men look for in a woman. You give off a friendly vibe when you smile, and it makes it easier for him to talk to you. You show that you’re having a good time when you laugh at his jokes, and it also boosts his confidence. Overall, he wants to be with a happy person who brightens his day and puts a grin on his face. He looks for a dazzling smile and laugh that make him weak in the knees. It’s possible that he could fall head over heels in love with you because of your beautiful smile. There’s a reason why people say a smile is a powerful weapon.

6. Voluptuous Lips Are More Attractive Than Other Facial Features

A smile is something he notices early on, but it’s also about your lips. A smile with pretty lips has a huge effect on him. Most men find voluptuous lips more attractive than other facial features, so go figure. He looks to see if you have soft, smooth pink lips because he wants to kiss you someday. He doesn’t feel the urge to do it when your lips are not in good condition. Let’s be real: no one wants to feel dry, chapped lips. Men attentively listen to what you’re saying by staring at your lips, so it’s important to keep your lips hydrated. He’ll notice if it’s not. If you want your lips to look kissable, then you should wear red lipstick. Apparently, men are drawn to red lips. Red symbolizes sensuality, and it also shows that you’re confident.

7. A Higher-Pitched Voice Because It Seems More Feminine

Most women prefer men with deep voice because it sounds strong and masculine. So, it’s not really a surprise that men find a higher-pitched voice (not squeaky) in a woman more attractive. It’s probably because the voice seems more feminine than a low-pitched voice, and he thinks a woman with a high-pitched voice means you have a small frame. It doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t be interested in you if you don’t have a “feminine” voice. It’s a bit of a stretch that men will solely lose interest in you because of your voice. It’s just to say, he’ll be more into you when you have a higher voice if he hasn’t seen your face, but don’t worry. When he finds you attractive, he might find you irresistible because a low-pitched voice is quite seductive.

8. The Way You Dress And The Way You Carry Yourself With Confidence

The way you dress and the way you carry yourself with confidence impacts his first impression. Confidence is considered sexy, and it’s a desirable trait to have for both men and women. It’s universally attractive. Men love women who are self-assured and comfortable with who they are. You don’t care what anyone thinks of you, and he finds that very appealing because it means that he doesn’t always have to hold your hand and try to make you feel better. You may think men don’t care too much about the outfit you wear as long as you look good, but they pay attention to it more than you think. Your sense of style is an extension of your personality. He also looks to see if you have good posture — no one’s really attracted to anyone who slouches.

9. A Sense Of Humor Because Being Funny Is Better Than Being Serious All The Time

A sense of humor is at the top of the list of qualities everyone looks for in a potential partner. Most men find women with a good sense of humor very attractive because being funny is way better than being serious all the time. It shows that you’re laid back, and you don’t freak out over every little thing. You’re not overly sensitive, and you don’t take everything too seriously like when he teases you. Basically, there’s less drama and less stress. He wants to be with a woman who knows how to make a joke that puts a smile on his face and make him laugh. It makes you fun to be around. While he wants you to be funny, he also wants someone who laughs at his jokes — someone who appreciates and understands his sense of humor, too.

10. If You’re Trustworthy Or Not: He Wants To Know If You’re The Loyal Type

Men want to know if you’re trustworthy before he considers being in a relationship with you. He wants to be sure that you won’t break his heart and cheat on him. He looks for a reliable woman who keeps her words. If you’re going to be late to meet up with him, then he’d want you to at least let him know that you’re running late beforehand. He’s also attracted to a woman who speaks her mind and expresses her feelings to him because it shows that you trust him, and that way, he can be honest with you. Most importantly, he wants you to be who you are and not pretend to be someone you’re not just to impress him. Men are not that much different from us if you really think about it.

11. An Empathetic Listener Who Understands And Supports Him When He Needs It Most

Men tend to have a hard time expressing their feelings, and that can be frustrating, but things change once he knows that you’re trustworthy. He needs to be sure that you’re there for him before he opens up to you. Communication is one of the most important factors in dating. It can either make or break a relationship. Just to be clear — it’s not just about talking, it’s also about listening, and there’s a difference between hearing him talk and listening to what he says. He looks for a woman who’s an empathetic listener — someone who will understand and support him when he needs it. He doesn’t want to be with someone who comments on everything he says. Sometimes, he just wants you to be able to listen and not interrupt him when he’s talking.

12. Affection Because He Wants To Feel Wanted Just Like You

You might think men are not into cuddling or other physical affections, but that’s not necessarily true. Men need affection just as much as women do. When he’s thinking of getting into a committed relationship, he looks for a woman who’s affectionate. He can tell by the way you flirt with him. Affection is important in a relationship because it’s a way to show that you care about him. Small things like kissing him on the cheek or holding his hand unexpectedly and in public will definitely put a smile on his face. He likes that you’re proud to be seen with him. You show your appreciation when you say sweet words to him especially when he does something for you. It doesn’t take much to make him happy. Basically, he wants to feel desired just like you.

13. There’s Nothing Better Than A Woman Who’s Independent And Has An Ambition

Men are attracted to strong and independent women. There’s nothing hotter than a woman who knows who she is and knows what she wants. You’re not afraid to voice your thoughts and opinions, and that’s refreshing. He doesn’t have to keep guessing how you’re feeling or what you’re thinking. You also intellectually challenge him. He looks for independence in a woman because you’re self-reliant. You’re not too dependent on him, and you give him space when he needs it. He likes a woman with ambitions. It’s attractive how hard you work to achieve your goals. Clinginess and laziness is not the kind of traits he wants in a woman. A woman who constantly needs to be rescued can be exhausting after a while. Overall, an independent woman are confident, and confidence is sexy.

14. The Way You Are Around Other People Explains The Kind Of Person You Are

We all have bad days, but don’t let a bad day get to you. A man can see himself in a long-term relationship with a woman who is genuinely kind and thoughtful. When he sees how you treat other people with kindness whether it’s the waiter at a restaurant or a dog, it helps him understand the kind of person you are. He also looks to see if you’re not the fake kind — the one who acts differently when he’s not around. The reason he likes to be with a kindhearted woman is because you know how to put someone else above you. It shows that you’re considerate of others. It’s a turn-off if you’re self-centered. Being kind is a very attractive trait to have in both women and men.

15. Spontaneity Makes Life More Interesting And Makes You Fun To Be Around

Men look for women who can keep him on his toes. He wants to be with someone who knows how to have fun and show him a good time. Staying inside and spending quality time with you can be relaxing, but it can also be boring. Every now and then, he wants to be surprised. When you take him whitewater rafting or book a flight to a place he’s always wanted to go without telling him, it gives him an adrenaline rush. He likes that you’re unpredictable, and it’s always something new and exciting with you. He also loves it when you pull him into a corner and kiss him out of the blue. Overall, spontaneity makes life more interesting, and it’s one of the ways to keep the spark alive in a relationship.

16. Common Interests And Hobbies Are Pretty Important In Any Relationship

Some of you might think having common interests is overrated, but it still plays a pretty important role in any relationship. It’s especially true on a date because common interests make it easier to bond. Men tend to ask a lot of questions to get to know you better, and he also wants to see if there’s anything you guys have in common. It makes him happy when he talks about his hobbies like how much he loves to bike, and you say, “Me too.” He likes that there’s something you both enjoy doing. He gets excited when he finds out that you also love to travel because that’s something you both can talk about and share your experiences. Basically, he wants to be with a woman who shares some common interests because it makes a strong relationship.

by Julia Lim

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