Mercury In Pisces Will Mean The Following For Your Love Life

You cannot escape the reality of your heart.

Mercury, the planet of correspondence, has traversed into the passionate sign of Pisces helping us reconnect with the reality we’ve been wanting to keep away from. When Mercury moved into Pisces, all the Zodiac Signs and Love Horoscopes were effected massively.

Planets are continually traveling through the 12 distinctive mysterious signs, and as they do, they go up against the characteristics of whatever sign they are in, influencing us and the connections we have. Mercury will take this voyage through the passionate profundities until April sixteenth, and from March 5th to the 28th the principal retrograde of this planet will happen.

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So as of February 19th, Mercury is going to be in the shadow zone, getting ready for the lessons this retrograde is meaning to teach us.

Also known as the trickster or winged messenger, Mercury, in retrograde can make our ability to communicate as well as our thoughts go haywire. It’s the planet that oversees our instant messages, emails, and even the way we process different issues. Pisces isn’t particularly liked by Mercury due to its thoughts that tend to not be very clear and concise compared to the other signs.

The term detriment is used in astrology, which means the planet will be in the most difficult placement and there he will feel natural struggles. This detriment for Mercury is being in Pisces and Sagittarius, these signs like to think about more worldly spiritual matters and the bigger picture, which is not something that the Mercury really cares about.

Although, just because this planet is in detriment does not mean that it will be a bad transit or difficult on us, especially when there is Pisces or even Mercury in Pisces in the charts. However, even when we don’t have either one of them, this transit is about feeling and getting in touch with what has previously been uncomfortable or too difficult to consider.

As the 12th sign of all the zodiac Pisces is believed to consist of qualities of the other signs. By far the dreamiest and most intuitive, the fish sign is regularly seen as ‘out of place’ in the world, or maybe as if they belong in their own world. As a very deep sign with some revolutionary or transcendent ideas; they never hide from big esoteric problems and they also don’t ignore the feelings in their hearts.

Not always sure what to do with all these feelings, Mercury in Pisces is more into data, details and facts, and when in Pisces it usually gets a little foggy. When Mercury doesn’t feel very much like himself, it doesn’t mean that that there won’t be some benefit.


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Mercury in Pisces brings the realization that you do have feelings and it can be a game-changer for many relationships.

With all the Sagittarius and Aquarius energy lately there is wonderfully independent thinking and going off the beaten path going on, which doesn’t really spell romantic bliss. But only because something isn’t working out right now, doesn’t mean that it never will or that it’s not meant to.

According to YourTango: “After feeling and thinking so independently since the start of the year, we began to be drawn back towards what’s going on in our hearts when Venus crossed into Capricorn during the beginning of the month. During this time, we started to look at the more traditional aspect of relationships as well as what it means to build a strong foundation with our partners.

But as we know, we tend to be our own worst enemy when it comes to moving ahead in life, especially in terms of love, as it seems our fear of getting our hearts broken again often stops us from loving. Mercury in Pisces has no choice but to deal with his heart; it’s unchartered territory, he’s not always comfortable there, and he doesn’t always have the right words or answers, but he does feel the need the speak it.”

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Mercury in Pisces is going to advise us that since we said we proceeded onward, it doesn’t imply that we truly have. Also, on the grounds that we state it’s over doesn’t imply that it ever will be.

While we are only 3 days from the shadow zone, the enormous subject this week is that we will begin to feel once more, our hearts will start to mellow, and in addition to the fact that it is likely we’ll be astounded by a portion of the considerations we’re having however we’re going to feel gentler and progressively open.

Amid Sagittarius and Aquarius season, we shut down our souls, we would not like to feel, or we endeavored to keep a relationship easygoing. Whatever decision we made, it will be fixed and return up for review. We can say all we need, however it appears love dependably has the last giggle.

There is no ideal relationship, no perfect relationship; rather, we understand that enormous love is likewise the one we never observed coming and can’t really get away. What’s more, it’s at that time we understand there is no getting away from reality in our souls


Source: Kate Rose

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