Mercury Retrogrades in 2018 All Have One Unique Thing in Common And It Means Trouble

Take note, ladies and gents: March 22 will be the first Mercury retrograde of 2018. So you know what that means: headaches and miscommunication and mayhem— oh my! While the phase is set to end on April 15 (woohoo!), there will be two more before 2019 arrives. Though this is certainly a normal amount of retrogrades for a single year, in 2018 they all have something very special in common, according to Refinery29. Read on below to find out what.

As mentioned above, the first Mercury retrograde of this year will arrive on March 22. Ugh, we know. Fortunately, it won’t last too long, as it’s set to conclude on April 15.

Of course, that won’t be the only Mercury retrograde of 2018. We’re in for two more this year— one from July 25 to August 18, and another from November 16 to December 6, Refinery29 reports.

Three retrogrades? We know what you might be thinking: three retrogrades is *a lot* for one year. But that’s simply not true. Indeed, this is a totally normal amount of Mercury retrogrades for a year.

So, what’s not normal about 2018’s retrogrades? Well, it’s that they all share something very, very special. And chaotic.

“Every time it takes a backspin this year, Mercury (aka the planet of communication) will be moving through a fire sign: first Aries, then Leo, and finally Sagittarius,” according to Refinery29. In other words, brace yourselves for a very, very bumpy ride.

As you may already know, there are four elements of the Zodiac: fire, earth, air, and water. The most volatile and dynamic of the four? Fire, of course.

Here’s a little more on the three fire signs, as per Refinery29: “Aries are known for their hardheadedness and combative attitude; Leos are warm, demanding, and passionate; and Sagittarians are an adventurous, boisterous bunch. These signs are not afraid to make their presences known — and their flair for the dramatic will only amplify the drama that tends to accompany Mercury retrogrades.”

So, what does this all mean? Namely, that this year’s retrogrades will most likely impact the parts of your life that you care most about, Refinery29 reports. Seemingly, they have the potential to ignite more, um, problems than usual. Uh-oh.

“Under an average Mercury retrograde,” Refinery29 explains, “we may fall behind on our to-do lists, lose important items, or go through rough patches with our friends or partner. But this year, you might not just forget about a dinner date you set before the backspin, you might also royally tick off the friend you stood up.” Yikes.

During these retrogrades, the repercussions you receive might seem harsher than usual. “The consequences for our mistakes may, at times, seem out of proportion from what we actually did,” according to Refinery29.

That said, it’s important to remember that each sign will impact the retrogrades in its own unique way. As per Refinery29: “The retrograde in Aries may prompt childish behavior in those who don’t get their way, while Leo’s retrograde could lead to inflated egos and snobbery, even among the most humble. Mercury’s time spent in Sag will likely see spells of bad luck and grand, long-term plans going awry.”

So, what can you do to make it through each retrograde alive and well? Simply put, take it one day at a time. Or as Refinery29 puts it, “Take things slow.” Like, way slow.

Also, make sure you own up to your mistakes during these periods. Though, and let’s be honest here, you should always admit to your boo-boos. It’s just the right thing to do.

The takeaway? Don’t panic: you will make it through the year. Just remember to take things slow, act carefully, and always own up to your wrongs. See you on the other side, stargazers!

Do you believe in Mercury retrogrades? How do you manage to get through them? Sound off in the comments section with your experiences and/or tips!

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