Mom Gives Birth To Whopping 13lb Baby Dubbed ‘Hercules’

Nicolina Newcombe didn’t have your average pregnancy. While she was aware that her little one was on the heavy side, she wasn’t prepared for how sore she would feel after her baby kicked.

But because his measurements weren’t dramatically off the scale compared to Nicolina’s own, doctors didn’t think that anything was particularly out of the ordinary.

However, when Tobias was born, his mother and doctors were shocked to discover that he weighed a whopping 13lbs 7oz (5.9kg) – making him the same weight as a six-month-old – at birth.

Credit: NZ Herald/Belinda Feek

Per the NZ Herald, Nicolina gave birth to her son naturally – without the help of an epidural – when she was induced at 42 weeks.

“That was a good thing because if we had have known that he was going to be such a big baby they might not have let me do it naturally,” she told the publication. “So many people said to me, ‘have you got twins in there?’ But I actually did have a baby the size of two babies.”

And as Nicolina’s height is 175cm, everyone was surprised that baby Tobias weighed so much.

“If you look at the chart for birth rate, there’s the 99.6 percentile is the highest you can go and he is heaps more off the chart, he’s way off the chart,” the mother elaborated. “The newborn nappy size is 0 to 5kg and he was born 5.9kg, so no newborn clothes fit him.”

And as could be expected, giving birth to this guy wasn’t the easiest. Tobias’ shoulder became stuck in Nicolina’s pelvis, which required assistance from medical staff.
“He came out head first and once my midwife realised [his shoulder was stuck] she pressed the emergency button. Heaps of doctors came in and helped pull him out,” she continued to the NZ Herald.

Credit: NZ Herald/Belinda Feek

“Everybody was like ‘wow, what a big baby’ and ‘how big is he’, everyone was really shocked. I was more worried if he was okay, and he was fine, so I didn’t really care how big he was but I suppose it’s a bit of a thing.”

Nicolina was also relieved to discover that the soreness she experienced during pregnancy was entirely justified.

“I felt like my stomach was so heavy and the kicks were really sore and I was really, really tired all the time, and I thought to myself that I’m complaining too much. When he came out and he was 13 pounds I was like ‘see, see, I was allowed to complain, I wasn’t making it up,” she said.

As the average newborn usually weighs around 7 or 8lbs, the nurses at the hospital gave Tobias the nickname “Hercules”, which we think is very fitting.



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