Mother Dolphin Jumps For Joy As Calf Is Freed From Net

A mum dolphin can be seen jumping around after fishermen release her baby dolphin from one of their nets.

The dolphin became entangled in the net when the boat was fishing in the waters around the Italian island of Procida, Naples.

A video shot at the time sees the mother then appearing to jump for joy as she sees her calf set free. If we want to push human characteristics on to the dolphin, it could even look like she’s thanking them.

Regardless of whether you believe they’re capable of that, the video is pretty cute. First off, you see the newly free calf leap out of the sea. The fishers cheer as it splashes between the waves, both man and dolphin quite happy with how the scenario has panned out.

Then the mum dolphin starts jumping to the sky, showcasing her moves in a series of dives, copying the baby one.

When both of dolphins go back into the ocean, you can hear the fishermen clapping and cheering, celebrating their good deed after not letting the dolphin die in the net. Well done, chaps.

People have been brought to tears by the video, with many commenting at the men’s efforts to try and do some good.

One person wrote: “Beautiful. Brings tears to my eyes. Dolphins are really evolved and intelligent creatures.”

Another said: “That was absolutely spectacular; one very happy mum dolphin showing so much gratitude at being reunited with its calf is truly heartwarming.”

Credit: Facebook/Mario Polizzi
Credit: Facebook/Mario Polizzi

A third, a bit cynically said: “Really beautiful and I love dolphins, but it could have been jumping out of the sea in order to see its calf better (one of the supposed reasons for dolphins jumping) or it could have been trying to communicate with its calf. Whatever the reason, they are amazing creatures.”

Fair point.

Studies widely suggest that dolphins are the most intelligent animals, apart from humans.

No matter what the reason though, in a time where it can be more common to see people being cruel towards animals than kind, this is just what we needed to see today.

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