Nestle CEO: Humans Have No Right to Access Free Water!

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, former Chairman, and CEO of Nestlé has demanded privatization of water, thereby disregarding our human rights.

The chairman of one of the largest producer of food products in the world believes the answer to global water issues lies in privatization.

As the CEO of this mega-corporation, Brabeck-Letmathe is convinced that people should be denied the rights to access water and pay for it instead.

According to his statement, “water is not a public right” and Nestlé should control the world’s supply of water so they can sell it back to people for a profit.

As Global Research reports, this statement should come as no surprise as this is the company that has peddled junk food in the Amazon, has paid money to prevent the labeling of GM)-filled products, has been known for its upsetting health and ethics record for its infant formula, and has recruited a cyber army to oversee criticism and negative feedback on the Internet as well as to control discussions in social media.

So, we are supposed to entrust this company to manage our water, despite the fact, there’s evidence of large bottling companies like Nestlé creating shortages:

“Large multinational beverage companies are usually given water-well privileges (and even tax breaks) over citizens because they create jobs, which is apparently more important to the local governments than water rights to other taxpaying citizens. These companies such as Coca-Cola and Nestlé (which bottles suburban Michigan well-water and calls it Poland Spring) suck up millions of gallons of water, leaving the public to suffer with any shortages.”

Nevertheless, Chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe feels that access to water is neither a public nor a human right. But, if privatization is really the answer, is this really a company we could put our trust in?

Not according to Bhati Dilwan, a former village councilor in a small Pakistani community. He says children are becoming ill due to the filthy water. And who’s to blame for this? Why, none other than bottled water-maker Nestlé, which dug a deep well, thus depriving locals of safe drinking water. In addition to the very dirty water, the water level sank from 100 to 300 to 400 feet. If the community had safe and fresh water, it would destroy Nestlé’s lucrative market in bottled water under the brand Pure Life.

Here’s a subtitled video from several years ago, where Brabeck states his opinions on water and gives some interesting comments regarding his stand on Nature. He says it’s “pitiless” and naturally gives an obligatory statement that organic food is bad and GM is good. He goes so far as to say that anybody who disagrees with him is actually an extremist. As the world around us turns more and more into a mechanized environment, it’s important to review his statements to stave off the pitiless Nature.

He concludes this segment with a clip of one of his factory operations, emphasizing the savior-like role of the Nestlé Group in guarding the health of the global population. Apparently, we should be graciously thankful for this. What do you think?


Source: Readlly

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