New Moon in Aquarius February 15, Time To Question Our Paradigm

Sometimes, it’s not enough to affirm that ‘our thoughts create our reality’.
Without the willingness to break free from our own mental prisons, this catchphrase becomes wildly ineffective. Without the effort to rise above our prejudices, to challenge our biases, to question our paradigms, change is but a distant, ephemeral mirage.

Sometimes, we also need to unlearn, to deprogram ourselves, to unwire and rewire our neural connections. To disengage from the morbid, compulsory grip of the past, and make room for the future, for no empowering, conscious belief will truly take root in our minds while we are stuck in the rut of social conditioning and trauma-induced beliefs. This might be the hardest, yet bravest and most rewarding task we’re called to face as humans who are also members of a society.

Solar Eclipses, like the New Moon arriving on February 15, at 27°07 Aquarius (9:05 PM UTC, 4:05 PM EST), are South Node eclipses. While a regular New Moon serves as an energetic doorway to fresh starts, a Solar Eclipse signals that the time is ripe for the beginning of the end. Not everything is compatible with the better future that Aquarius, the Water Bearer, the social reformer, is incubating for us – not out outdated, ego-driven understanding of our role in the collective, nor the ideas that foster our emotional attachment to familiar, yet detrimental patterns of thought. Not the haunting echoes of the self-defeating affirmations we internalized as a result of oppression and abuse, nor the judgmental projections we attach to others in an unconscious attempt to come to terms with our own shadow. Tomorrow is starting now, and it’s a journey requires us to travel light, and leave the deadweight in the past.

Mercury conjoins the Sun, Moon and South Node in Aquarius, placing a great emphasis on the way we use our mind and voice, the way we collect and process information, the way we understand ourselves and the world that surrounds us. The mind can be the most vivid, beautiful place as well as the most haunting and claustrophobic one. This New Moon / Eclipse asks us to observe it with detachment, with a neutral gaze, from an unpassioned distance. To tear down its walls, probe it, dissect it. To embrace darkness and light. Finally, to dare replacing the stale, outdated notions it contains, with the unfettered, uncostrained voice of the future Self.
We have nothing to lose, and broader, enticing horizons to gain, says Jupiter, currently probing the depths of Scorpio, from where he hits the New Moon with a tense, compelling square. This formation asks us to be inclusive and comprehensive in our analysis – to hold the spiritual, psychological and emotional bottom line, to acknowledge our real motives and needs, and to allow our passionate hunger for experiences to lead the way. To turn our obsessions into power, our fear into strength, our chains into freedom.

A sextile between the New Moon and her ruler, Uranus, currently in Aries until May, adds an extra shot of provocation and effrontery, encouraging us even more to challenge the mentality of passive agreement that smothers our fierce, inquiring minds and limits our agency.

Still, speaking of agency, the ardour of Mars in Sagittarius is somewhat diluted, due to the square he receives from formless Neptune in hazy Pisces. When in doubt between going against the grain and going with the flow, why not choose both?

by Cristina Zodiac Poetry

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