Studies Reveal Bald Men Are Smarter, Stronger, And Sexier

A new study shows that the effortless bald head look middle-aged men have been sporting for years is now considered an attractive trait.  What once signified genetic hair loss and aging, now signifies a wise, strong and sexy hunk of a man.

Dr. Frank Muscarella from The University of Florida conducted a study and found quite surprising results. The study involved asking participants to rate males based in four categories which included physical attractiveness, aggressiveness, appeasement, and social maturity, Maxim reported.

Muscarella found that bald men are viewed as more honest, intelligent and domineering than their hairy counterparts. Basically, bald guys are the ones you trust to be DD, help you move, and know what’s going on in politics– which isn’t a bad thing.

However, the baldies didn’t score as high in the physical attractiveness scale, which is to be expected. They can’t all be Vin Diesel’s and Jason Statham’s. It’s ok, because their distinguished dominance makes up where they lack, because strong is sexy and social dominance is a highly desirable trait.

This isn’t the only example of physical attributes being linked to presumed personality traits. Psychology Today reports that squinty eyes and thin lips, in both sexes, are linked to dominant traits as well. We are subconsciously judging people by their appearance all the time, and sometimes it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

When we associate positive personality traits with physical attributes then they become attractive to us. This is why male pattern baldness isn’t as damning as men may think, especially when it comes to these newfound benefits. Bald is power.

Traditionally, baldness has been associated with aging because men typically shave their heads when they begin to lose their hair in an effort to avoid the “cul de sac” hair style popular with weirdos of the world over. Bald men used to be thought of as weak and impotent, and were depicted as such in media.

However, now we’re all singing a new tune when it comes to hairless men. A study in Social Psychological and Personality Science further confirms the benefits of a Mr. Clean look. The research showed bald men were considered more confident and masculine, smarter and stronger.

Balding men now have the personality traits associated with men in romance novels. However, thinning haired men do not fare quite as well. So, if you’re hair is beginning to thin research shows you should buy Rogaine or shave it all off.

Many studies have been conducted on the appeal of the hairless man, and the findings remain the same. Bald hair is in. Let middle age men and men who are showing signs of early hair loss rejoice!

Perhaps, more men should start shaving their heads because persevered dominance and intelligence could lead to more opportunities besides landing a relationship. It could help with finding jobs and becoming more successful.

The American Hair Loss Association (yes, there is one) reports by the age of 35 two-thirds of American men will experience some degree of hair loss, and by the age of 50 around 85% of men will have significantly thinner hair. It seems wisdom and hair loss both come with age.

Loss of hair can negatively affect men’s relationships and work life because of the unhappiness it can inflict. If only, bald men saw themselves as the domineering, sexy forces of nature that they are. As the perception of bald men evolves, their self- perception is sure to evolve as well.

Unfortunately, even though society’s perception of bald men is evolving in a positive direction, balding men still are statistically unhappy. They view their bare scalp as a sign of growing older. So, it makes sense that men would be less than thrilled about their hair loss.

A real life example of bald men’s power is the mainstream movie roles that bald men have landed. They typically fill leading action roles, where they are the tough hero. Examples include: Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, The Rock, and Bruce Willis.

Finally, another win for team baldies– bald men are 45% less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer, Daily Mail reports. Sexy and healthy? Sign us up!





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