Orangutan From Borneo Photographed Using A Spear Tool To Fish, Imitating Local Fishermen

What to do when the world around you is crumbling, the usual foods in your diet are being eradicated and your cousin species is a bully? Well, if you can’t beat them, join them? Perhaps this is the slogan of a successful dominant species. What makes an alpha species and how did they come to take over and endanger your entire population you might ask as one of the few survivors. Shall we try a spot of hunting anyone?

Looking back in history, when have the minority of non-violent vegetarians ever won in a war zone?

The orangutans natural environment has become as such and if you have come across some of the horrific pictures on social media of the Big Corp war crimes against these 3% less humans, you’ll have an idea of what sort of conditions they’re living in presently.

The populations of the gentle ‘man of the forest’, as his name translates in Malay, have declined with the rise of palm oil industry success in the past 20 years and now we are seeing the amazing transition of survivors spending much of their time imitating survival skills from the local humans around them.

This image taken by Gerd Schuster (co-author of Thinkers of the Jungle: The Orangutan Report),

shows an orangutan imitating the skill of fishing seen of the humans in his community along the Gohong River in Borneo. Could this be evolution taking place before our eyes?

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