Orca’s Give Family On Speed Boat The Ride Of Their Lives

Imagine enjoying a relaxing afternoon with your loved ones on a speed boat and suddenly a couple of orca’s decide to crash the party.
That is what happened to this this couple as they were enjoying a ride on the Pacific.

Most people know orcas as big, black and white performers from Sea World who swim in pods and are easily trainable and people-friendly like dolphins. Yet when you encounter them in the open ocean it’s a whole different experience.

The couple filming the video, Rich and Laura Howard, who share a mutual passion for the ocean, were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary with a dive trip to Lapaz Mexico.

The couple was diving with some friendly sea lions when the divemaster ended the dive early. A pod of 20 killerwhales was approaching the boat fast.

The interview CNN had with the couple:

The orcas seen in this video are chasing the speedboat, they are showing playful behavior like dolphins. It almost looks like they are reacting to the excitement of the couple on the boat.

Definitely a ride they will never forget.

View the video below:

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