Orphaned Baby Koala Clings To Teddy Bear

The chances for an orphaned baby animal to survive in the wild are very slim. Lately, due to the devastating bush fires in Australia, many animals have become orphans. Luckily, help came just in time for this baby koala named Lucy. This most likely saved her life.

This baby koala was found in Queensland, Australia. Lucy was laying in the middle of a driveway, extremely dehydrated. With the extreme heat and little to no shelter, her chances of survival were not in her favour.

Lucy was extremely fragile and weak at the time she was found. She was quickly brought to the Australia Zoo and Wildlife Hospital, in an attempt to save her life. Thanks to the quick thinking of the people that found her and the amazing staff at the hospital, she was given another chance at life.

Lucy won everyone over the moment she arrived at the hospital. But truly melted all hearts (not only in the hospital but also millions of people on social media) when she found a little teddy bear which she did not want to let go. This little teddy bear became her source of comfort and she clung on it without leaving it’s side.

 “Meet Lucy, the gorgeous koala joey that is melting hearts at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital,” the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors wrote in a Facebook post.

Fortunately, orphaned Lucy was strong enough to pull trough and we are happy to say, she made a full recovery.

Lucy the Orphaned Koala Joey at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hos…

Happy Australia Day! And to all the Aussies living abroad Lucy the koala joey says G’day from home!

تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors‎‏ في الاثنين، ٢٥ يناير ٢٠١٦

Sadly, due to disease, deforestation and wild fires the numbers of koala’s have declined so drastically that Australia’s iconic mammal has been declared “functionally extinct”. There are less than 80,000 individuals left in the wild.

We don’t know how Lucy got on the driveway that day but we do know that she had a guardian angel.

Help Us Help the Koala

Look at these gorgeous guys! It's so important we protect these animals from extinction. The Australian Koala Foundation works tirelessly to ensure we save the Koala, currently we are pushing for a Koala Protection Act to be put in place. Donate as little as $2 to make a big difference to the Koala's future today: https://www.savethekoala.com/donate

تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎Australian Koala Foundation‎‏ في الثلاثاء، ٦ يونيو ٢٠١٧

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