People Think A Simple Crossword Test Proves Whether You’re Hyper Intelligent

When you think of the smartest people to have ever walked this Earth, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, Leonardo Da Vinci, it’s hard to imagine yourself being on that impressive list.

But, if you’ve ever wondered whether you could count yourself among the smartest people on the planet, you apparently don’t need to come up with a complex mathematical equation or find out how to get humans on Mars – you just need to complete a simple crossword.

According to the Internet gods, all you have to do is find your name on this crossword and you’ll be smarter than 92 percent of all people on Earth.

Credit: TryLife
Credit: TryLife

Did you manage to find Mark, or Patrick, or Claire, or Jessica, or whatever your name is?

If you did, then well done, you can apply to Mensa, start buying the Financial Times and pondering about the big, unsolved questions to life.

But if you didn’t manage to spot your name amongst all the letters, then here’s a picture to show you where you went wrong.

Credit: TryLife
Credit: TryLife

Now, most people will call me a fucking idiot for posting this, but if you attempted the crossword after reading the caption, then you’re on my level because you thought completing a puzzle would put you in the top eight percent of the world’s intelligence. So, sucks to be you.

But does having the highest IQ make you the smartest person in the world?


It’s hard to quantify intelligence and say that someone like Stephen Hawking, for example, is the smartest person alive today. David Perkins from the Harvard Graduate School of Education told a Yale publication: “A high IQ is like height in a basketball player. It is very important, all other things being equal. But all other things aren’t equal.

“There’s a lot more to being a good basketball player than being tall, and there’s a lot more to being a good thinker than having a high IQ.”

The article adds that the main problem with IQ tests is that they’re designed to measure general intelligence. Some businesses even use these quizzes to select the best possible candidate.

Stephen Hawking apparently has a 160 IQ, according to Science ABC, while Albert Einstein is between 160 and 190 (just a causal 30 points). But William James Sidis apparently had the highest ever IQ, which was between 250-300.

Credit: The Sidis Archives
Credit: The Sidis Archives

Born in 1898, he had taught himself Latin, Greek, French, Russian, German, Hebrew, Turkish, and Armenian by the time he was just eight years old.

He became the youngest person to enrol at Harvard University at the tender age of 11. Imagine working your ass off to get in and you see him at your first lecture. I bet he didn’t complete a fucking crossword to get in.

Source: LadBible


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