People Were Laughing At Lady Gaga’s Red-Carpet-Look Fail Until She Explained Why She Wore It

Once again Lady Gaga has lit up the internet with her fashion choice, but this outfit is a far cry from a meat dress – so what’s all the fuss about? For Elle Magazine’s 25th Women in Hollywood event, held in Los Angeles, Gaga showed up in a more than oversized, Marc Jacobs suit with her hair in a simple low bun and as per usual, the look represented a powerful statement.

During her speech, she explained that after trying on 10 or so dresses the suit caught her eye “buried quietly in the corner” and brought her to tears. She explained that at 19 she was sexually assaulted by someone in the entertainment industry and by wearing this suit she was taking her power back, “In this suit, I felt the truth of who I am well up in my gut.”

Well, the internet is a cruel place and those who failed to hear her speech missed the suite’s significance entirely. Twitter turned the outfit into memes and compared her to NBA player’s off-court suits. If we had to take a guess Gaga could care less what these people think. She will continue to make bold fashion statements for the cause’s she believes in, or in her word, “Be a helping hand. Be a force for change.” Scroll down below to read her moving speech and responses from the haters and tell us your thoughts!

By​ Ligitas Nefas

For the 25th Elle Women in Hollywood event, Lady Gaga showed up in a very oversized Marc Jacobs suit

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People were quick to judge the look

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However, what they missed was that this choice wasn’t just for shock value, but carried an important message

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In her acceptance speech, Gaga said that she chose it specifically to shine a light on the commoditization of female bodies in Hollywood

And brought up sexual harassment in the entertainment industry

She said as a woman in entertainment she has a responsibility to make a change

Watch the whole speech in this video

Not everyone made a joke of her look and were inspired by her activism through fashion

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