Photographer Accidentally Captures The World’s Happiest and Relaxed Bird

There is little doubt that this bird must be the happiest bird in the world!  Just look and see for yourself!
Credit: Instagram/ @kasmuro2

Karen Munro a photographer from Scotland actually didn’t even realise that she had taken this perfectly timed picture, until she happened to be scrolling through her camera roll.

The day for an outing to capture some wildlife on a cruise around Stroma Island along the coast of Scotland, had not been a perfect one due to inclement weather.  Not having much faith in what she thought would be mostly pictures with poor lighting and that weren’t going to be anything special, she was pleasantly surprised when she came across this amazing picture of “the happiest bird in the world”

This bird, a Fulmar depicts such joy and seems to be as if he is smiling and having a fantastic time! It makes one laugh out loud. 

A look of not a care in the world – pure bliss and happiness depicted!

Credit: Instagram/ @kasmuro2

As an explanation for why this Fulmar is looking suitably chuffed with himself could be that he was just caught mid shake to dry himself off mid-flight – a lucky shot, but the sheer happiness that one can clearly choose to see, makes one prefer that explanation perhaps!

Fulmars are known to glide alongside boats as they travel, making them an ideal bird to photograph.


“It’s always great to capture something different. Over the last few days I have had many people commenting on the ‘Happy Bird Photo’ and how it made them smile,” Karen Munro said.


It is almost as if these other Fulmars are looking on jealously at his obvious  joy of life!

Credit: Mike Pennington

Credit: The Dodo

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