Photographer Accidentally Snaps The World’s Happiest and Most Chilled Bird!

You’d find it difficult to spot any bird as relaxed as this adorable Fulmar bird, dubbed the world’s happiest bird.

Scottish photographer Karen Munro accidentally took a picture of the cute sea bird on a wildlife cruise on Scotland’s coast around Stroma Island.

Just look and see how pleased he looks!

Credit: Instagram/ @kasmuro2


But Karen didn’t realize she was taking the perfect picture until a while later, and she was amused by looking through her camera roll. She didn’t think she took nice pictures that day because of the bad weather.

“On arrival home I was going through my photos, most of which weren’t anything special as the light had been pretty poor that day. However I did have a laugh as soon as I saw this one, as the fulmar looks like he is smiling and having fun,” Karen told The Dodo.

 He has no care in the world, and we love him!

This is the appearance of pure bliss-this fulmar bird seems to only have pure joy.

Credit: Instagram/ @kasmuro2


Karen shared and explained why she thinks the fulmar appears to be completely content with life.

“Fulmars will often glide alongside the boat, but this one had just lifted off the sea and was shaking itself to dry off whilst flying. It’s always great to capture something different. Over the last few days I have had many people commenting on the ‘Happy Bird Photo’ and how it made them smile,” she said.

Her photography fans flocked to Instagram to share their love of the wonderful bird with one saying it’s “an interesting way of flying”.
“I think it was actually shaking to dry itself off,” Karen replied.

These other fulmars definitely look jealous that he’s having the time of his life!

Credit: Mike Pennington


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