Prepare For A Massive Energy Shift As We Enter the Eclipse Zone

As you may know, there is a super blue blood moon well on its way. With the coming of this event, energies are quite high.

While you will be feeling these energies from now until the moment that super blue blood moon is over it is also important to note the energetic shift this astrological event is going to bring. This energetic shift will have you feeling quite out of it but do not be alarmed. It is the beginning of something wonderful. The month of January in itself is bringing us so much more than we could ever ask for energetically.

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The transformation going on within us is not one we can see, but it is one we can feel. Do you feel out of place and anxious? If so, you are already feeling the effects of the super blue blood moon to come as well as the effects of the new moon that occurred previously. This is something that happens to every single person on the planet, you are not alone in this experience.

Even those who do not feel these things are still changing within. This sort of thing can have quite unusual effects on us. You may feel much more lightheaded during the shift itself after it does begin or you may even end up feeling more energized than ever. This kind of thing will vary from person to person.

You see, 2018 is going to be a year we all remember. It will reveal things we have been meaning to figure out for quite some time. We will be rewarded greatly if we let these energies do what they intend to do in our lives. Fighting them as I have said time and time again will only cause problems. You should never try to ‘argue’ with the Universe.

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The lunar eclipse to come is going bring about a movement like nothing we have ever experienced. It will bring those of us who are more spiritual to a whole new level of ascension. We will unlock great things this year, please remember to believe in yourself.

This shift will come in layers and you will most likely not be ready for them as they hit. They will be unexpected and sporadic. Be as prepared as you can be. These sensations you have been going through in more recent times all hold meaning. Ride out the waves and stay true to who you are.

Do not worry, you will begin feeling normal around mid-February. Everything will work out and you will come out on top. Enjoy the things the Universe is bringing your way.

Many thanks to AwarenessAct for use of this article.

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