Apparently Couples Who Fart In Front Of Each Other Have A Bigger Chance Of Staying Together


This article was previously posted as ‘research shows’ when in fact the closest research is a poll done by eHarmony and not entirely relevant. We apologize for this misinformation and confusion. The article has been rectified, none of it has been scientifically proven and is only the opinion of some marriage counselors, a family psychologist and ordinary people in relationships. It is still good news for those who have been keeping it in for so long.


Believe it or not, farts are apparently one of the keys to a happy, long lasting relationship.


We’ve got some good news for partners who fart in front of each other

If you fart in front of your partner, we might have some good news for you because it looks like you two will be very happy for a long time. Naaawwwww!

Turns out, fluffing in front of your partner can actually be a really positive thing for your relationship and we know there are people out there cheering over this news.

Some people believe that farting in front of your partner is actually a good thing.

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Farts can bring you closer, build trust and open up a whole new level of relationship

In her book, Naked Parenting, Leah Decesare opened up about her first accidental fart in front of her husband and he remembers that moment very clearly.

Apparently, her husband’s first thought after hearing her fart was “I want to marry this woman.”

He felt closer to her and appreciated the fact that she let him into a different personal space which made him think he would always be with her.

Farting in front of your partner shows you’re not afraid to be your true self according to Leah.


It might be awkward and unpleasant at first but it’s said to be a good thing in the long run

Basically, farting falls into the category of ‘unpleasant things’ that no one wants to openly do in front of their partner because of a fear of looking silly or failing to impress them.

But it’s doing these things that build trust in a relationship and if you’re comfortable farting in front of your hubby it shows you’re not afraid to be your true self.

Just like laughing, crying or binge eating a packet of Tim Tams, a little fart is just one of those things that should be normal to do.

So next time either one of you lets one rip, think of it more as a ‘love puff’ and consider it a healthy part of your relationship.


( H/T:  Kidspot )


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