Roads In Australia Are Literally Melting As Temperatures Go Sky High

Australia’s heatwave became so bad over the weekend that the roads literally began melting, causing traffic jams as motorists navigated around the unusual mess.

A whole 10km span of Hume Highway in Victoria began to liquefy—the tar turning into a sticky mush.

It was another indicator of skyrocketing temperatures in Sydney and Melbourne as a total fire ban was issued on Saturday in some parts.

40C heat is expected to boil over for both cities, but the beaches have already been packed since Friday as locals attempt to cool off.

Some relief could be expected by Sunday as temperatures should drop to around 21C as heavier clouds come in, too.

The Daily Mail reports:South Australia and Canberra are also warned to brace for extreme heat, with a maximum temperature of 38C expected for the capital.
“The Country Fire Service is bracing for ‘catastrophic’ fire weather in parts of South Australia on Saturday, with temperatures expected to reach up to 46 degrees. 

“Most of Tasmania has also been issued with a total fire ban, with temperatures expected to be in the mid-30s and northerly winds gusting up to 90 kilometres an hour, according to Weatherzone.”
“Darwin is bracing for extreme conditions as well, with temperatures expected to hit mid-30s across the weekend and into the week.”

This isn’t the first time extreme heat has turned the roads to mush in Australia.

Back in 2013, another heatwave in the southeast caused the unusual occurrence, where merely stepping on the road in sandals was enough to leave a black gunk underfoot:

Source: David Wolfe

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