Science Explains All 10 Dimensions And What Possibilities They Bring

The spiritual community often talks about different dimensions. Our current dimension on Earth is the 3rd dimension, which is pretty limited, and we are moving into the 5th dimension, where almost anything is possible. Ten of the dimensions have been discussed by science. Information about different dimensions and their possibilities are commonly channeled, and they are also explained by physicists using the String Theory—a theory that sees the whole of existence on a vibrational level with each type of vibration being related to a different particle in the universe.

Other theories suggest that they are more dimensions. M-Theory speaks of 11, and Bosonic String Theory suggests 26, but there may be an unlimited amount of them. However, you only need to get to the 10th dimension to access the infinity of infinite possibilities. It is hard to wrap our human minds around that one.

Here is how each of the 10 dimensions are explained.

The First Three Dimensions: Length, Height, and Depth

Existence starts with one dot, one point in the universe. The 1st dimension is formed when there are two separate points in existence, two dots that show location, come together. It is simply a line, or length. There is nothing else happening yet.

The 2nd dimension adds two more connected points making a square that now has height as well. It can also make a triangle with three points.

The 3rd dimension adds depth to the square making a cube. This is also us, humans. We are three dimensional, meaning we have height, width, and depth. We are physical beings that can interact with our surroundings.

This dimension has linear time, unlike the 4th dimension.

The Fourth Dimension: Time or Duration

Dimensions ForthThe 4th dimension is time. It may seem like we can live in a four-dimensional world because we have time and we age, but as of right now science is saying that if we were in the 4th dimension right now, we would die immediately. This is because the 4th dimension does not have linear time. You would be able to experience yourself at every age at once from birth to death.

Every dimension is a different direction, and we are not ready to experience all four at once. Spiritual beliefs suggest that we may be able to one day, this includes the 5th dimension. There are legends that a few individuals have already learned to exist there.

The Fifth Dimension: First Possibilities

The 5th dimensional world that is so commonly discussed would have a row of possibilities that can happen in your life. You would be able to see these probable futures and make choices today to make sure you get to experience the future you chose. You would be able to jump to a future you want from where you are—but not go back in time to change the outcome. That would not yet be available.

The possible futures in 5D often stem from one change at a time, thus all the possible futures have a lot of similarity. Each individual point of consciousness creates a world slightly different from each other’s but still recognizable.

The Sixth Dimension: Any Possibilities on Our Earth

Dimensions Alternate EarthIf you want to travel back in time to change the course of your life, this would be available in the 6th dimension. You could go back and trigger events that needed to happen in order for you to get where you want to be. Then you could travel forward into the future to experience that timeline.

And in 6D, you will be able to do all of these steps instantly. If you want to be rich, you can access this timeline. Same goes for any outcome at all. Unlike the 5D, 6D has a lot more possibilities.

One important factor is, all of the possible outcomes of 6D happen on Earth as it is today—same conditions apply. If our Earth started with a big bang, then this condition stays in 6D in every timeline and possibility. This changes in the 7th-9th dimensions.

The Seventh to Ninth Dimension: All Possible Worlds

The 7th dimension is where things start to get really interesting. The 6th dimension now represents a single point where all the possibilities existed for one particular Earth.

All of the possibilities that were available to you in 6D still exist, but now they are multiplied by a variety of starting points. What if the Earth was just a little bit different? If it had a different beginning condition—not the big bang—it would create a different universe. In this case, you start from a different Earth and access even more timelines.

Dimensions Infinitely Infinite

In the 8th dimension, you can start with any different Earth as a starting point and have an unlimited amount of possibilities on each of these Earths. The amount of these timelines is indefinite.

In the 9th dimension, you can start with a different Earth, have access to indefinite timelines, and if this was not enough, each will be ruled by a different set of laws of physics. This adds almost unlimited amount of possibilities.
The 10th dimension gives you exactly that.

The Tenth Dimension: Infinity of Infinity

When you get to the 10th dimension, nothing is impossible. Absolutely everything can exist because 10D brings infinite amounts of timelines on infinite different Earths making an infinity of possibilities.

Everything is indeed possible.

by Katalina Aster@ Spirit science

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