September 13th-14th Full Moon In Pisces Will Bring Extreme Transformations

September will be host to a Full Moon between its 13th- 14th day, which will be situated in Pisces. Now, Pisces as a watery sign is already pretty sensitive and emotional.

Add the emotional vibration of Full Moons, and you have a tear-jerker on your hands. So, don’t be rude to people and make sure that your words aren’t mean to people close to you, or they might start crying.

Pisces can make us super-compassionate as well as sacrificial to an extent that we wouldn’t care about our own self-esteem or well-being. With that said, we do really need to put boundaries in place that are going to prevent us from focusing too much on others while neglecting ourselves.

Pisces heralds the end of the signs of the zodiac while a Full Moon is symbolic of something coming to fruition, and hence, completion. It goes without saying that you would see something ending before you. It is the Universe’s sign that you need to let go of what’s holding you back.

Pisces also controls our subconscious psyche, which will assist us to understand ourselves way better than we thought possible. Also, this Full Moon would be heightening our intuition a great deal, so don’t forget to use it to understand your surroundings better.

The Moon sextiles Pluto in the zodiac of Capricorn, which will help us understand the passionate energy that comes through and enable us to use it. The Moon also conjuncts Neptune, which would bring about a hidden fact out in the open or might render us a bit vulnerable.

This years  September full Moon is called the Harvest Moon, the name given to a full moon in either September or October. the Harvest Moon is tied to an astronomical event: the autumnal equinox.   Other names given to this moon include;Moon When the Plums Are Scarlet, Moon When the Deer Paw the Earth, Moon When the Calves Grow Hair, Full Corn Moon because it traditionally corresponded with the time of harvesting corn. It was also called the Barley Moon, as this is the time to harvest and thresh ripened barley.

The harvest moon is a time to reap what you’ve sown in previous months of the physical, emotional and spiritual.

A summary of what you can look forward to:

Reap rewards, creative flow, growth, abundance, communication, remove negativity, positive change and new beginnings.


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