Set Your Alarm: Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Moon To Line Up 3 Nights This Week In Rare Event

If there is a shining light in the current situation and effects from the Corona Virus lockdown, it has to be the massive decrease in the levels of pollution. Even the stars are more easily seen and the air seems to be fresher!

The most recent giant pink supermoon got many stargazers out there checking the nighttime skies without telescopes or binoculars.  The next major celestial event that will be a sighting not to be missed is Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and the moon all being very close together for 3 days from 14 to 16 April 2020.

These 3 planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are more easily spotted in the mornings and by mid- April they will almost be in a single line close to the moon. So when you see the moon, look out for these 3 planets nearby to it.

During March, these 3 planets were seen together every night, but April is going to show Mars shifting further away from Jupiter and Saturn, but for those 3 nights from 14 to 16 April they will be close together near the moon. If you are lucky enough and your timing is right, you will be delighted with a sighting of all 4 of them together!

But, don’t despair if you miss all 4 together, the further treat of seeing the 3 planets – Mars, Saturn and Jupiter together is an amazing sighting.  Check up on various apps for stargazing to aid in finding the correct location.  Try not to miss out on this event as the next time round will be, as per NASA, in the middle of 2022.

The one that is the hardest to miss as it is the brightest, is Venus. As it is a planet it is brighter than any other star and is hard to miss.

So during these torrid times we are living in at present, the silver lining is that there is far less pollution and the skies are clearer.  Take this opportunity to enjoy cruising the cosmos and all these rare events from your home without having to have a telescope or binoculars!


Via India times

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