Stunning DIY Galaxy Jack-O’-Lanterns Are A Thing This Halloween

Halloween is less than a month away and we have already started decorating our homes with all things spooky. Nothing like bringing home a good ol’ spooky decor to make you feel all ‘Halloweeny’, right?

Well, if you are all about the stars and enjoy gazing into the night sky, well you can now add a touch of Halloween to it and it is spooktacularly mindblowing.  You can now make yourself these galaxy Jack-O-lanterns that embodies all things Halloween and at the same time, ends up truly being a visual ecstasy.

You must have seen plenty of pumpkin decorating ideas on the internet. As people are getting creative each day, these galaxy pumpkins somehow stand out from the other decor ideas.

It is never easy to decide whether you want to paint, carve, or trick it out. But if you want to wow your friends this time around, galaxy jack-o-lanterns are your go-to Halloween decor this season.

These galaxy pumpkins are simply out of this world and it is very easy to make it yourself. There’s no rocket science about this. And if you’re into astrology, fun crafts and pumpkins, you might be soon be creating something truly magical in every sense of the word. As reported by Cosmopolitan. According to Allison Murray from Dream A Little Bigger, you will need:

Acrylic paints in pink, teal, purple, blue, white, gold, and black
Sponge brush
Old toothbrush or stiff paintbrush
Constellation stencils
Drill kit
String lights or LED pumpkin lights
Paper plate and newspaper

You will first have to dab and not brush on the darkest shade of blue onto the pumpkin. This will ensure it is not completely opaque.

Following this, you will need to dab the black paint over the blue and rub with a paper towel so the blue is duller. And then you start adding other lighter shades of color including teal, purple, and pink. Allison also recommends making each color section “smaller and smaller as you go.”

Let it dry for a while and then use a sponge brush to dab on gold paint, before touching things up with a little more black paint. Do not look for patterns here…let the colors flow naturally!

And now comes the best part: Find an old toothbrush and dip it in white paint. Now you “flick” specks of paint onto the pumpkin, and voila, you have got your magical stars on the jack-o-lanterns.

It truly sounds magical and out of this world, right? People have been loving this new trend of Galaxy pumpkins and we hope it is a trend that gets explored more. Will you be getting it? Let us know!

Via I love Halloween

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