Terrifying Footage Shows Woman Trapped Inside Car During Tornado

A tornado is a wind storm which spins and twists violently in the air, causing a lot of damage to anything in its path.

Its destructive nature means it can easily destroy large buildings, uproot trees and hurl cars into the air.

For the majority of us, that’s as much as we’re ever going to need to know about a tornado – as well as everything we learnt from the iconic film Twister of course.

But for some people, like the unfortunate woman in this terrifying footage, the situation becomes all too real when they find themselves stuck in the middle of a tornado’s path.

You can watch the terrifying footage here:

The woman, Kasandra Parker from Gatineau, Canada, can be heard screaming throughout the 25 second long video, clearly terrified of what is happening both outside and inside her car.

And I’m not surprised – by the looks of things, the trees are struggling to stay rooted in the ground and debris is flying into her car windows.

 Woman Trapped In Car During Tornado

Her car looks as though it’s struggling to fight against the power of the wind and then her side window smashes due to the storm’s force, destroying her one defensive shield.

By any stretch of the imagination, I think it’s fair to say that she’s very lucky to have escaped without any life-threatening injuries.

Kasandra posted the shocking video on Facebook shortly after the incident occurred and it quickly went viral, having 5.9K likes, 49K shares and 2.5M views at the time of writing (September 25).

 Woman Trapped In Tornado

A lot of people expressed their shock at what had happened, wishing her well:

Oh my goodness. I hope your ok.

Are you all right???

I hope you weren’t hurt and all your loved one were safe

Whilst others berated her for filming at all:

Why the crying and screaming yet able to aim camera phone on lap full of glass….never mind getting fb vid get your stupid head down….jeeesuzzzzz

The tornado struck on the afternoon of Friday September 21, affecting the areas of Kinburn, Dunrobin and Gatineau.

Environment and Climate Change Canada issued a statement stating that the storm had wind speeds of up to 265 kilometres per hour.

They said:

This tornado damaged or destroyed numerous buildings, overturned vehicles and snapped many trees and hydro poles.

There were also reports of multiple injuries including several people that were critically injured.

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