The 3 Soulmates That Will Change Your Life

Have you met a person whose presence stops time and whose existence changes your life? Whenever you feel a strong connection to someone else, they are almost guaranteed to be one of your soulmates. Through all of the soulmate meetings, you may find lessons that repeat themselves. There is a philosophical belief that you can only fall in love with three people in this lifetime. Some of these three have many different faces. When you analyze the romantic involvements you have had in this life, you will see why this belief resonates deeply with many.

Each soulmate is different, and yes, there are many. You may have spent many lifetimes together and have a contract with each other to achieve something important in this life. This can be a mutual mission, a friendship, a romantic relationship, or karma that is meant to be cleared.

At the same time, many of these encounters can seem eerily similar. You may think ‘I have learned this lesson before!’ but yet it seems to be present once again. There is a pattern and a meaning to repeating cycles and paying attention to one when it arises can be very beneficial to clearing the reason it’s in your life once again.

Some say that in this life you can only fall in love three times. All other loves, if you experience many over your lifetime, are repetitions of these primary three. It is entirely possible that you will meet one person who will evolve and become all three of these loves for you as you progress through your relationship. Sometimes they are personified by different people. There is no right or wrong, but there is a design to these soul meetings. Together with your soulmates you will grow and evolve into your truest self. The way this happens differs in each of the three types of love that you can experience.

Three Soulmates Swing

The First Soulmate: The Idealistic Love

The first love you experience is usually in childhood or school years. As a child, you’ve already been exposed to various fairytales, and the vivid childhood imagination weaves a tale out of this young love in a way that looks very much like one.

You view love as idealistic and hang on to it often without reason. Somewhere along the way this relationship or connection may start to feel wrong, yet you refuse to give up. You believe that this person is the one. You keep waiting for that fairytale ending despite all odds. Looking back on it, this love may seem naïve. Yet, it is important to experience it.

This first love starts to break down what you thought you believed about love and find out what it actually means for us personally. The lesson of this love is to begin growing as a person, to start breaking the labels that have been placed on you by society.

Three Soulmates Tough Love

The Second Soulmate: The Tough Love

Soulmates of the second varriety often teach us the largest number of lessons. This often comes in the form of many people. Some have a similar face, others are completely different, yet the lessons repeat themselves almost identically. If you are in a relationship that is carrying the lessons of all three soulmates in one, you may find your lover begin challenging you on a regular basis for various reasons.

The second love can be called the most important one of all because it brings the most growth. This is often considered the tough love. Oftentimes, you may be repeating some of the patterns from the first love, even though you do not consciously realize it. You may stubbornly try to make it work for the sake of it working out—not because it should work. Just remember, there is a lot of work involved with this love. And it is work you are required to attend to if you want to grow as a person.

Through the challenges, drama, pain, and tears of this second love, you figure out the most important questions of your life.

  • Who am I?
  • What do I want my life to be like?
  • How do I want to love and be loved?

Without the assistance of this soulmate in your life, oftentimes the ego refuses to learn these lessons because it is still stuck in old paradigms—broken love your parents or relatives had, or errant sociocultural beliefs. This is sometimes why the second love is often split between different people until you become who you are meant to be. It is only then that you experience the third and final love of your life.

Three Soulmates Holding Hands

The Third Soulmate: The Unexpected Love

Your third and final love—some call it the true love—is the one that comes the most unexpectedly. It does not follow the rules you thought you learned. It is not the one you anticipated. Yet, it absolutely and perfectly works.

It is also rarely with the person you expect, but when you join together, everything just clicks. It is easy, effortless, fun, and magical. This soulmate teaches you what it means to truly and unconditionally love and be loved.

At this point in your life you know exactly who you are and the life you want to build. This soulmate complements you perfectly, and there is zero doubt in your mind that you want to share your life with them.

And remember, whichever love you are experiencing right now—or already have in the past—it is exactly the one you need. Enjoy the ride and the fruits of each unique experience.

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