The 4 Most Sexually Dominant Zodiac Signs

Some people are just more natural with it.

Dominance is something that not a lot of people are going to have when it comes to intimacy in the bedroom. And on the other side of the coin, there are those who just seem to have that dominant gene within them. They are the ones who are always looking to take control of the flow in the bedroom. They are the ones who want to be steering the ships of intimacy and lovemaking. They are very detail-oriented and they take very methodical approaches to making love. Whenever they aren’t given control of the situation, they tend to feel very lost and disoriented. They always want to be in a position of power when it comes to having fun in the sack. That’s why it’s ideal for these dominant mates to always find people who are submissive and obedient in nature.

Whenever two dominant people meet in the bedroom, there is a clash that occurs and it can be very difficult to find a balance between these two. But when a dominant one and the obedient one meet, then that is a match practically designed by the heavens. That is the type of couple that just meshes well with one another effortlessly.

So if you happen to be the type of person who is submissive and obedient in the bedroom, then make sure that you pair yourself up with any of these 4 Zodiac signs. These are the signs that are really known for their sexual dominance and you are in for a night of thrill when you get with them.


The Aries people are known to be quite competitive. They are the ones who are always looking to get things done quickly. They are easily enticed by challenges and records. This kind of personality carries over into the bedroom. They like to be aggressive and they can get a little rough sometimes too. They are also fond of incredibly physically demanding challenges in the bedroom. So don’t be surprised if they start getting into weird positions with you. They are also known to be quite loud and there’s not much you can do about that.


In life, a Leo is always going to be a natural leader. They are always looking to manage large groups of people. They have great management and communication skills. They are also very good at time management and organization. That’s why it’s normal for them to always establish control in the bedroom. They are very confident and sure of themselves. They will always make their partners feel like they know what they’re doing. Leos are also very imaginative and so sex with them is always going to be quite interesting. They also have a tendency to be blunt and honest about what they want out of a night of passion.


The Virgo is the wild card in this list. They are the ones who you would never expect to be sexually dominant. In real life, they are seen as quite meek and passive. But when you get the opportunity to lay with a Virgo, then you will be gifted to see a whole other side of them. They are very generous and they always make sure that they give pleasure to their partners. They are also known to be quite intuitive in the hay. They know just when and where to touch certain parts of peoples’ bodies. Their partners are always bound for a fun and exciting time in the bedroom.


And for the last Zodiac sign on this list, the Scorpio. They are the ones who just exude passion and emotion. They are the ones who have very specific goals during sex and they are relentless in their pursuit of these goals. They are always willing to give all of themselves just to make the experience a memorable one. They are similar to the Virgo in the sense that they are generous. They are always looking to please their partners as well and so you are definitely in for a treat. They are also known to be quite spontaneous and crafty. Don’t be surprised if a Scorpio makes the use of tools and toys to enrich the experience.

So stop waiting any longer and start finding yourself a suitable mate with these 4 Zodiac signs in mind. They are definitely going to make it worth your while.


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