The 5 Most Egocentric Zodiac Signs Revealed

Although it is one of the least desirable personality traits, selfishness, unfortunately, is a characteristic that comes naturally with the package of emotions we all posses since birth to some extent. Being selfish concerning a specific matter is but a natural reaction and varies with each person. While some people like Joey from “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.” do not particularly enjoy sharing food, others like Barney from “How I Met You Mother” are completely into themselves and are either perceived as legen, wait for it, DARY, or annoying.

The latter sort of selfishness is known as egocentrism; inability to differentiate between self and other. People such as Barney who are known for being egocentrics or ego-centered see things from their own perspective only, because, in their minds, they are the smartest, the most intelligent, the most beautiful or simply put, an Earth blessing.

According to astrology, some zodiac signs are more inclined to be egoistic than others. Of course, it cannot be measured how selfish or egocentric one can be, however, astrology can pin point which signs have a natural tendency to behave like they are the world’s finest. It is difficult for an egocentric person to actually understand what does it mean or to accept the fact that they really are egoistic, as they never do anything wrong and they’re perfect (duuuh). Nevertheless, for those with a different mindset it is of utmost importance to know from which star sign to expect egocentric behavior. In case you find your sign to be among the following 5 biggest egocentrics of the zodiac, please don’t get a cold feet; it’s just a stars talk.


If you have ever met an Aries, you know that they are second to none in terms of egoistic behavior. When people born under this zodiac sign desire something, they go for it no matter what. The Rams are born leaders, which is why they believe the world is theirs and everything should go their way. Independent by nature, Arieses always do whatever pleases them, without considering anything or anyone else.

They are not familiar with empathy and can never put themselves in someone else’s shoes to see how do their actions make others feel. Also, they can easily get angry as soon as they feel slightly uncomfortable, as they are impulsive. Nothing and no one come before themselves, so Aries is rightfully the biggest egocentric of all zodiac.


Leos are as honest, straightforward and true to themselves as it gets, however, they tend to see the world as it revolves around them. With a personality that can light up any room, Leos have a positive impact on anyone and they are simply pleasure to be around with. They are guided by heart and live to love and be loved. But they are not all rainbows and butterflies.

They can easily get addicted to being admired and turn into completely self-centered persons. Courageous, fearless and able to run over any obstacle that get in their way of getting what they want, the Lions are truly amazing. That is, if there were no other people in the world who might get hurt by Leos’ behaviors and actions. As they have enormous ego and constant hunger for attention, Leos can be hard to deal with at times.


If you have never been close to a Scorpio, Jon Snow would’ve said: you know nothing. Scorpios belong to the group of people who think that the world revolves around them and them only. They are so egocentric that if you start talking about a particular subject and they realize you know more than them, they will use their manipulative skills to try to redirect the conversation and talk about something they know more, all the while trying to keep it cool and show no sign of anger.

Scorpios like to appear as mysterious and secretive as they are, but the truth is they are enormous egocentrics. Not to mention that in relationship, they are jealous, possessive, paranoid and controlling to an extent that can scare the most courageous person on Earth. They can also get moody for no reason whatsoever and refuse to give you any excuse, because why bother.


There’s no denying that Geminis are among the most versatile, the most socially-skilled and the funniest to be with individuals of the zodiac. But as you know, it is symbolized by the Twins, which means, they change their mind like the weather. The ever-changing Gemini can easily become vain and get to thinking that they are the center of the universe.

Whoever tries to disapprove with that belief is deleted from their life straight away. They never care too much about other people, simply because they trust their social skills and always have a long list of contacts so they can replace just whoever. In a nutshell, Geminis never settle for less than they think they deserve, which is pretty much perfection. They choose no means and consider no one’s feelings to get where they want.


While Taurus is undoubtedly one of the most sensitive, most reliable and most compassionate signs of the zodiac, it is also known for its tendency to get self-centered. As you probably know, Taurians are practical and desire security and stability before all else. That can make them incredibly materialistic, greedy and, of course, egoistic.

They cannot stand the very thought of being insecure and in order to get what they desire, their actions are rather selfish. Also, Taurians can become extremely possessive and overly protective, but with a good reason. They stand for no weak reasons or people who don’t matter to them. Taurus’ full-potential egocentric behavior is most evident when in love. However, they are fiercely loyal and there’s no distance they cannot cover for the ones they truly care.

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