The 5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Hold Grudges

Nobody likes to be hurt, betrayed or disrespected, but most of the time we are able to shake off these infractions and move on with our lives.

Unfortunately, sometimes we struggle to relinquish our grip on these emotional wounds, forming grudges, commonly experienced as a lingering, low-grade anger directed at a specific person long after the initial transgression took place.

While we’ve all probably experienced these feelings, there are 5 signs that tend to hold onto grudges longer than others—but all for different reasons.

Read on to find out if your sign is prone to resentment, and how you can start to forgive and forget.

No sign holds onto a grudge quite like Scorpio. After all, this is the sign that rules revenge. Though Scorpio natives might put on a tough front, they are extremely vulnerable. They hold emotional intimacy and honesty dearly, and tend to feel deeply wounded by betrayal and lying. Consequently, determined Fixed signs like Scorpios are equipped to cling to their pain for years—or even a lifetime.

Scorpios can let go by realizing that what goes around comes around, and that their death-grip on past hurt probably won’t increase the karmic justice for the person who injured them.

Similarly Cancer, another Water sign, is also emotionally fragile. Crabs are bound to a strict sense of duty, and may feel slighted if their loved ones aren’t as supportive and present as they are. They have high expectations, which often lead them to feeling let down. It is not easy for them to forgive anyone who falters in their compassion or allegiances. Cancer natives need to resist the urge to project their devoted nature onto others.

By coming to terms with the reality that most people are just not going to be as dedicated and doting as they are, Cancers may rid themselves of resentment and rise above it.

Because of their perfectionistic tendencies, Virgo is apt to get some tiny criticism lodged in their heads. They will let it rattle around it in their minds, until it becomes deafening. This usually leads to a simmering kind of anger toward whoever first put the unsettling notion in their mind. If there’s truth to that criticism, Virgo can begin to let go of their grudge by just owning their flaws. Instead of seeing the unkind words as a deficiency, they can begin to look at it as a path to self-improvement.

And, if the criticism doesn’t have any truth to it, Virgos are better off forgetting it altogether and learning to trust their guts.

Often seen as everybody’s best friend, Aquarius will make a lot of space for other people’s bad behavior. At the same time, no sign is less fazed by apologies. Aquarians love mankind but they don’t really feel the same way about individuals. Their high ideals often conflict with what they encounter in the real world. Reality has a way of bringing out a cold, unforgiving dispassion in Aquarius. This sign can start letting bygones be bygones by accepting other people’s shortcomings.

Sure, it would be wonderful if the whole world accepted their utopian ideas, but that’s not likely to happen. Making allowances for human error may help unburden Aquarius immensely.

Capricorns spend lots of energy maintaining their reputations. If someone were to poke a hole in Capricorn’s perfect mask or mar their pristine image by calling out something unsavory, well, that would be unforgivable. A Capricorn may be tempted to go for the jugular if you smear their good name, and this stubborn sign is very good at sticking to their guns. To move on, Capricorn needs to learn to be flexible about their public personas. Letting others see the chinks in their armor could help them build more genuine connections with others—a definite networking advantage.

Plus, by not obsessing over a grudge, they’ll have more time to work on chasing success.


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