The Advice to Follow During This Super Full Moon, All Zodiac Signs Predicted To Go In Emotional Overdrive

Another full moon is upon us, taking place on February 19th. This is going to be an extra intense one. If you experience monthly emotional freak-outs with other full moons, then be prepared. Chances are high you’ll be  feeling overwhelmed and full of feelings you can’t directly place. That’s why we wrote down some helpful advice you should be following during the Snow Moon 2019, according to your zodiac sign. Believe us, you do not want to get carried along uncontrollably in this emotional overdrive.

Prepare to be feeling divided, a clash will be taking place between the spiritual dreamy Pisces and the analytical and rational Virgo. However, while Pisces and Virgo could not be any more different, both of these zodiac signs complete each other and show the other what’s missing. However, with ruthless Mars forming a conjunction to erratic Uranus, some things may feel a little too unexpected to plan for. It’s important not to be too hard on yourself because literally, anything can happen!


TLC is your key word. Have you been giving yourself some “tender loving care”? Like for instance, is your routine productive? Are you planning in some “me-time”, in your crazy busy schedule? You will be confronted with all the things that don’t work for you and don’t suit you. The best thing in such a situation is prioritize. Distinguish between the things that really do matter to you.


Lately it’s been a battle of the steps. Making one step forward, being pushed back three steps. This can work as quite a downer. But guess what, you’re a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for. It’s a time to contemplate what really makes you happy. Bring more fun into your life, even if it feels like you just want to crawl under your blanket. It might feel a bit awkward at first but when you start remembering what it’s really like to have fun, you’ll start filling your heart desire.


Chances are you’ll be feeling homesick. Longing for a sense of stability and comfort. How is your contact with your family? Have you been reminiscing lately about the old days? Create some emotional security and surround yourself with the ones that truly care. Even redesign your living space so it will feel more homey to you. And give that person that’s been for a while on your mind now a call.


Every little detail and flaw is being emphasized before you. You’re feeling the impulse to talk with others, speak your truth, and learn. Decide what needs to be said and keep yourself busy, otherwise your thoughts may wander off to dark places. Instead of being a prisoner in your mind, let your mind be your freedom.


All your financial situations are being laid out before you. Your relationship with your possessions and your material wealth is under scrutiny. Ascertain what it is you need. Do you need to save or make more money? Do you deserve to go out and go shopping? Make your world a more stable, beautiful place.


Who have you been? Who are you now? Who will you be? Right now, you’re feeling very tuned in to your identity. Honor all the growth you’ve experienced and remember that life demands change from you. You can’t stay the same person forever. Although it sounds scary, it’s time to embrace the new you.


You’re going to be experiencing revelations and awakenings, so hold on tight. You will be made aware of things you were not consciously aware of. Listen closely to your intuition and do some serious inner work. Write in your journal, meditate, or talk to someone you trust. Don’t ignore your heart.


The people you surround yourself with and associate with will come under question. Are you inspired by your social group? Do they bring out the best in you? Are you taking care of others and being generous with your spirit? Take these answers as opportunities to widen your circle of trust or possibly make it smaller.


What is your dream job? In your heart of hearts, where do you see yourself in 10 years? It’s time for you to think seriously about your goals in life and to take steps to bring you closer to success. If you fail, get back up and try again. Don’t let roadblocks dictate your future. It’s up to you to push hard enough.


What is your next big adventure? Maybe it’s time for you to finally book that flight and travel the world. Maybe the adventure is about settling down and building a home. It’s time for you to try something you haven’t done before and open your mind to new perspectives. Reach for the moon and you won’t regret it.


This is a majorly transformative and illuminating full moon, so prepare for emotional waves. You may feel something coming to an end, but don’t look at this end as a brick wall. This end is just another beginning. Give yourself permission to unburden yourself. You don’t need to be carrying so much weight for everyone else.


Relationships are on your mind and swirling in your heart. Whether you’re single, in love, married, or committed to someone platonically, you’re going to notice the give and take within the partnership. Are you giving as much as you are receiving? Are you receiving as much as you are giving? Do not lose yourself.

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