The Archangel Connected To Your Zodiac Sign

Archangels and Angels.

There are Angels and Archangels who rule over the 12 Zodiac Signs. When coming back to Earth in another human incarnation – we choose a star-planet that we most connect with. It helps us to choose the kind of lessons we are meant to take. The Angels of the Zodiac can help us to understand our astrological birth sign and how it relates to our life path and soul purpose. It tells us of our inherent traits and personality.


Archangel Camael sees over the Starsign of Aries and brings the qualities of assertiveness and confidence. Archangel Camael relates to the ‘Golden Ray’ and also ‘Solar Angels’. Those born under the sign of Aries are generally outgoing, impulsive and full of ideas. Aries have a short fits of anger and they forget all about it the next moment.


Archangel Hagiel looks after the star sign Taurus. Taureans have an acute sense of Earth as they are earth signs and have an inkling towards material comforts and luxury. Naturally attuned to nature, they are practical and their life lesson is to perfect ‘Patience’.


Archangel Raphael looks after the natives of Gemini star sign. Archangel Raphael is the Angel of healing, the doctor in the higher realm and has the capacity to guide all healers. Natives of this sign are exceptionally gifted and clever. They have an endless thirst to know things and are always curious.


Archangel Gabriel rules over the Moon and star sign Cancer. This sign is all about balancing all emotion on every single level. Relationships are extremely important to Cancerians, but their emotions can often drive them to be mistrustful.


Archangel Michael looks after the star sign, Leo. Those under the sign of Leo are given the personality traits of generosity and being open. The sign of the Lion are competitive and certainly like to win. Their greatest attribute lies in their capacity to be intensely individual, while at the same time loyal and generous towards those they love.


Archangel Raphael is the ruler of the Zodiac sign of Virgo and brings the attributes of efficiency and an analytical mind. The positive qualities of this sign can be found in their dependable nature. They are non-judgemental and they prefer to work quietly behind the scene.


Archangel Hagiel is the ruler of the sign of Libra and those under this sign are starred with the traits of being harmonious and diplomatic. Librans can see both sides of the issue and it can lead to indecisiveness. They are also known for their logical abilities. With an intellectual streak and the power to love; communication is very important to them.


Archangel Azrael and Camael rule over this star sign. Those under the influence of the angels of the zodiac sign of Scorpio are bestowed with powerful and intense personalities. They are very loyal and have a strong sense of responsibility.


Archangel Zadkeil rules over the star sign Sagittarius. Those born under the influence of Sagittarius have the attributes of being optimistic and adventurous; they are the curious lot always willing to keep going finding new adventures for themselves. They often are philosophers and teachers, they enjoy sharing their opinions with others. They absolutely dislike being told what they need to do.


Archangel Asariel rules the house of Capricorn. Those influenced by Capricorn are careful and responsible in all that they undertake.It is a sign that desires status and a high position in the world, therefore, social acceptance is of great importance to them. They set out with utmost intention to attain their goals.


Archangels, Uriel and Cassiel rule the star sign Aquarius. Aquarians are progressive, open-minded and they are humanitarians. Aquarius may come across as aloof and unsympathetic. They work for the greatest good in human interest.


Archangels Asariel and Zadkeil rule the star sign Pisces. They are generous, sympathetic and understanding, although their sensitive natures can make them moody and also irritable. Pisceans are resourceful, inspirational and imaginative. They are very sensitive beings with a knack for understanding people really well.

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