The Best Things You Should Expect To happen To You In 2018 Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If the end of 2017 has you feeling off balance, and you’re looking for a roadmap for 2018, the cosmos have your back. While it’s not set in stone — because of that whole free-will thing — there are astrological predictions for 2018 that show what each sign can expect. Whether you’re a casual believer in astrology, or you look to the stars for inspiration and advice on the regular, it never hurts to know astrologers are forecasting so you can embrace opportunities — and avoid potential pitfalls.

When I was going through predictions for my sign for 2018 a few weeks ago, I came across something I wasn’t too excited about. One of the things that came up for Libra was a disruption or a big change in home life. For my Virgo roommate, 2018 begins with a lot of unexpected tasks. After reading this, I immediately said to my roomie, “Something is going to happen to our house.” Two weeks later we got a 60-day vacate notice, which means we’ll be spending the first month of 2018 looking for a new place to live.

Because I had the hunch some housing-related news was coming, getting the notice to vacate our house right before Christmas — while disappointing — didn’t catch me totally off guard the way it would have if I hadn’t been emotionally prepared for something to happen. And while having to suddenly find a new home is disruptive, we’re seeing it as an opportunity to find something even better. If you want to go into 2018 with your eyes wide open, here are some things you can expect in the new year based on your sign. #TheMoreYouKnow

Aries, The Time To Hesitate Is Through

Aries, if you’ve been on the fence about making big decisions in your life, 2018 is the year to come down on one side or the other. According to Find Your Fate, 2018 is literally a time for out with the old and in with the new. Think of it like a major house cleaning for your life. Whether it’s toxic people, a bad job, or materials items, get rid of anything that’s been hold you back.

“You become more mature and a lot [more] refined this year,” Find Your Fate noted. “The planets Saturn and Jupiter [will] be acting in your [favor] to start things that are more suitable for you in the long run.” You’ll also be presented with new career opportunities, which is where that decision making is going to come into play.

If you’re waffling in your love life, 2018 could bring a long-term relationship to an end. If you’re single, you may find a new partner, though you’ll need to stay present in order to avoid getting caught up in the smoke and mirrors of a potential partner that doesn’t have your best interests at heart. 2018 may also be the year you embrace spiritual practices like yoga and meditation, which will help you stay both mentally and physically healthy.

Taurus, Embrace Feelings Of Freedom

Taurus, you stubborn bull, if you’ve felt boxed in during 2017, the new year brings newfound freedom. “The climate would be quite ripe to rest and relax,” Find Your Fate said. “As Pluto transits the house of Capricorn you [will] feel much lighter from a physical and mental point of view.” And, while you can be intense, one thing Taurus has down like a boss is luxuriating in relaxation.

Your stubborn nature will be an asset in your career in 2018. If you’ve been working toward a career goal, stay the course and wait out any obstacles. It will definitely be worth it in the end. Along with a feeling of freedom, you can also expect some well-deserved peace and tranquility in your love life.

Now for the challenges. While you may have a steady influx of cash in 2018, your spendy habits might mean you’re not saving any money. Additionally, some surprise expenses could derail your budget, so saving money for a rainy day should be a priority. If getting fit is one of your New Year’s resolutions, 2018 is an ideal time to embrace a new activity like a team sport, or other fitness routine. Overall, 2018 is a buffet of choices for you. While it can be easy to let all of the freedom go to your head, it’s important to choose wisely.

Gemini, Pick New Partnerships

Gemini, your twin nature means that embracing partnerships is especially beneficial for you in 2018. Whether it’s a new romantic partner, someone new to start a side hustle with, or a whole new team of people to help you advance your career, pairing up is essential to ensuring your success in 2018. “New work opportunities arise this year, as enterprising Jupiter visits your diligent sixth house,” The Astrotwins noted. “You’re learning to delegate, organize, and run life like a well-oiled machine.”

According to Find Your Fate, you will also expand your already vibrant social circle, which can also lead to new romantic partners. Finances might be a challenge for you this year. While you will dive into new projects with energy and vigor, they might not all give you the financial return you want. This is why it’s good to have a few things going at once so you’re not relying on one stream of revenue to keep yourself afloat.

Gemini, all of your projects and partnerships, while beneficial in the long run, can induce extra stress in 2018. Make sure to to take time to practice self care so your mental and physical health don’t take a beating. With all you’ve got going on, you can’t afford to get sick.

Cancer, Bring On The Love

Cancer, you love to be in love, and the stars are aligning in 2018 to bring you the love you’ve always wanted. “Relationships are the key theme of 2018 for you, crab — and that could be music to your nurturing heart,” the Astrotwins predicted. “A new era of romance and self-expression has arrived, and you’ll ditch whatever ‘shyness’ you might actually have (a reputation that plenty of Crabs defy).”

While crabs are generally homebodies, 2018 is the time to venture out of your protective shell and make having fun a top priority. Love doesn’t just extend to your romantic relationships. You could also find passion for a new career. There will be bumps in the road, and it could feel dark and twisty at times, but by the end of 2018, committed Cancers will manifest what they want most.

Financially, the first half of 2018 might be a bit of a dumpster fire, according to Find Your Fate. However, you’ll rebound in the second half of the year. Just keep your eye on the light at the end of the tunnel and you’ll end the year shiny and bright.

Leo, Ready For A Rollercoaster?

Leo, while you’ll assume your regular role as the star of the show in 2018, it’s not going to be all sunshine and roses. “Jupiter and Saturn [will] help you to hog the limelight all through this year,” Find Your Fate noted. “There [will] be radical changes in your personal and professional life now through [the end of] this year.” You might also find yourself reassessing your priorities and leaving some long-held vices in the rearview.

The first half of the year is a time for hard work that might feel like it’s not paying off, however things will stabilize during the second half of the year and allow you some much-needed stability and breathing room. Both your personal relationships and your home life could have you feeling like you’re suddenly living in the upside down world in 2018. It’s time to embrace change.

“Relationships will also undergo seismic changes, and you’ll spend a lot of time figuring out the right new balance of ‘me’ and ‘we,'” the Astrotwins explained. “Give me shelter! Your home life is [one] of 2018’s big growth areas. You could move, buy property or spend more time at Chateau Leo. Connecting with your roots (especially female relatives) will strengthen your emotional security.”

Virgo, Expect The Unexpected

Virgo, 2018 is definitely going to keep you on your toes. Prepare to dance as fast as you can to keep up with unexpected tasks coming at you from every area of your life. While you may be hit with a lot of uncertainty, planning for things you know are coming down the pipeline is advisable in order to maintain a level head.

“Periodic precautionary measures and preventive steps [will] go a long way in protecting you from life’s harm through the year,” Find Your Fate noted. Burying your head in the sand could lead to a breakdown. Remember to make time for regular self care to keep your mind free and clear.

The good news is that 2018 won’t be all obstacles for Virgo. All of your activities will help you increase your social circle. And you will have the opportunity to deepen friendships, and take romantic relationships to the next level if that’s what you want.

Libra, Find Your Fortune

Libra, while it might not feel like it right now, in 2018 the world is going to open up for you in ways you never imagined. And if you’ve been struggling financially, help is on the way. “This year, both your self-worth AND your net worth are on the upswing (and TBH, they’re kind of interconnected),” the Astrotwins noted. “After all, when you truly value yourself, it’s hard to accept less than what you deserve. This boost will begin with your paycheck, but by the second half of the year, it will have a ripple effect through all your relationships.”

Part of the reason for your good fortune in 2018 is the realization that it’s time to stop pleasing others and start focusing on pleasing yourself. And, it’s about damn time. Bringing some much-needed balance to your life will also bring big rewards, and while you have a hard time accepting success, you totally deserve it. If your love life has been lacking, the Astrotwins predicted that your increased level of confidence will attract a new partner.

Scorpio, Risk It All

Scorpio, 2018 has you beginning a new 12-year cycle with Jupiter, the planet of abundance, in your sign, which means anything is possible. You might feel like you’re going through a cosmic rebirth. Embrace it. “For now, cast a wide net. Sign up for classes, take vacations, get a ‘bridge job’ if a 9-to-5 is sucking your soul dry,” the Astrotwins advised. “In the second half of the year, relationships could go through radical changes, or you might start clicking with an avant-garde group of people.”

Basically, Scorpio, 2018 is an ideal time to take risks in every area of your life. Go after what you’ve always wanted but been too afraid to pursue in your love life, home life, and career. “Existing partnerships can go through big changes,” the Astrotwins revealed. “Single? You could shock yourself (and your friends) by choosing someone wildly different than your usual type.”

For Scorpio, 2018 might feel like one big vacation, but remember it’s still important to act responsibility while taking all of those risks. Because, even though it might not feel like it in the moment, poor decisions could have far-reaching consequences.

Sagittarius, Go With The Flow

Sagittarius, if you’ve got a solid plan, it might be best to shelve it in 2018 when you’ll be much better served by going with the flow. “You’re a make-it-happen person, but every 12 years, life does something weird: It refuses to cooperate with your enterprising and managerial ways,” the Astrotwins explained.

“Your ruling planet Jupiter is in your twelfth house of closure and endings, wrapping up a 12-year life cycle that began back in 2006. In 2018, trying to force things will be a useless battle.” All of this uncertainty might leave you feeling anxious, which makes 2018 an ideal time to embrace yoga, meditation, or a regular fitness routine that keeps you grounded when it feels like everything is spinning out of control.

Once you accept the concept of free falling, you’ll find supportive arms that are ready to catch you. Because 2018 is the beginning of a new 12-year chapter in your life, by the end of the year all of the chaos will calm down, and everything you’ve struggled with for the past several years will start to make sense.

Capricorn, Get Ready To Reinvent Yourself

Capricorn, the phrase “new year, new you” has never been more true for you than it will be in 2018. The new year kicks off a three-year cycle of reinvention that could completely change your life. “As your ruling planet, structured Saturn, arrives in Capricorn for the first time since 1991, it’s time to fortify your foundation from the ground up,” the Astrotwins advised.

“Outmoded parts of your life and identity will fall away over the next three years, making way for a new and mature Capricorn 2.0 to emerge. This is a time to take inventory: Where in your life are you out of alignment with your values and truth?” If you feel like you’ve been wandering in your life, Saturn’s structure could suddenly make everything much more clear.

Your love life may get an overhaul too, thanks to Uranus beginning an eight-year trek through your fifth house of passion. Because everything is changing for you, use this time to get rid of everything that’s not working, including things (and people) that could interfere with you becoming your best self.

Aquarius, Get Ready To Take Center Stage

Aquarius, while your fierce independent nature and willingness to go your own way usually have you flying solo, 2018 is the year you’ll have the opportunity to take center stage like a boss. “Every single major part of your life is going through a change this year, so buckle up and enjoy the ride,” the Astrotwins noted.

“With expansive Jupiter in your career house until November, your ambitions could take you to far-flung places, perhaps even a new city or an executive suite. This is one of your luckiest career years in over a decade, and with two eclipses in your sign, you could emerge as a surprisingly outspoken and trailblazing figure in your field.”

Additionally, all that time in the limelight can leave you feeling depleted. Luckily, Saturn is in your 12th house of rest, which gives you extra permission to pamper yourself. Don’t let all of this newfound attention go to your head. Say “no” when you don’t want to do something, or people could end up taking advantage of you.

Pisces, Pack Your Bags

Pensive Pisces, you magical, mystical being. 2018 brings a lightheartedness that might induce wanderlust. Go with it. If you’ve always wanted to travel, pack your bags and go. “You’ve shaken off the shackles of a heavy couple years, and 2018 could bring blue skies and progress,” the Astrotwins noted.

“Your career has been a particular challenge over the past three years, but in 2018, inspiration reboots. Don’t rush into any big commitments (unless you’re so inspired), but take the year to explore, travel, do workshops and indulge in self-discovery.” 2018 is all about you, and you deserve to focus your attention on yourself. Shake off any people that sap your energy, and invest in new partnerships, collaborations, and networking opportunities.

For you, you’ll get to where you want to go by building strong relationships with people who lift you up. You might enter into a new romantic relationship in the second half of the year with someone wildly different than yourself. Embrace these new possibilities.


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