The Changes Mercury’s Retrograde is Going To Have on Your Zodiac Sign

As you may know, Mercury is currently in retrograde. This means a lot of different things, for a lot of different people. What does it mean for you?

Now, there is a very intense energy surrounding this retrograde that I am sure you are feeling even now. This energy is going to have some major effects on each and every sign. Until after the 22nd some of us are in for quite a bumpy ride. Look for your sign below to see what this retrograde is going to do to you or for you.


This retrograde is going to be slowing you down more than anything. You will feel as if you are not getting anything done but to be honest, you need to relax. Don’t drive yourself insane trying to get too much done in too little time.


You have been feeling the winds of change for quite some time and with good reason. During this retrograde, you will be processing things on a deeper level. Get rid of any bad habits, if you don’t they will only be getting worse.


This retrograde is going to be getting rid of anyone who does you harm. Those who hold you back and bring you down will be brought to the light. Your circle of friends will become quite small but that is nothing to be upset about.


You may be extremely caring, but that doesn’t mean big changes can’t happen. There is a lot of change heading your way and you may not quite be ready for all of it. While I cannot reveal much about what that change entails please remember there will be lots of plot twists when you least expect them.


You may be the big strong lion but that doesnt mean you cant be vulnerable sometimes. You are going to be more vulnerable during this retrograde than you can imagine. Take this time to figure out what needs to happen to help you overcome this.


You are going to be making a lot of bad decisions during this retrograde but they will all be lessons you can learn from. Let yourself stop to breathe here and there, don’t let yourself get too upset. Everything will work out.


You feel like you need space but are not quite willing to take it. Get out and let yourself have some alone time. If you keep letting life suffocate you, nothing will ever get better. This retrograde is your key to being able to breathe again.


You should use this energy to put your best foot forward and accomplish something wonderful. Get something done that you have been working on. You will be experiencing great success during this retrograde.


You are going to be a bit more irritable than you have been lately. Try to remain positive and don’t be too rash in how you react to those around you. Some people will want to get under your skin a lot more than normal but you need to remember that at the end of the day those people have no power over you.


You might be headed towards a major positive change be it in your career or your living situation. This is an opportunity that will only happen a few times in the year to come, don’t let it pass. You are going to benefit greatly from the energy at hand.


You are going to be seeing a lot of people from your past, dont let them weasel their way back in. These people are coming into your life to test you. They are not meant to be permanent. Dont be quick to trust.


You are going to be feeling a little out of it during this retrograde. Because of that, you should not be taking big risks. Your luck is going to be nonexistent during this retrograde.

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