The Funniest Wildlife Photos Of 2018 Have Just Been Announced, And They Will Make Your Day

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards finalists have just been announced for 2018. The list was narrowed down to just 41 from over 2000 quality entries.

“The standard of imagery, regarding quality of the photography, goes up and up every year,” said Tom Sullum, one of the founders of the award.

Here are our favorite 20. Scroll down to see them all and comment and upvote on your favorites!

#1 The Black Skimmer Gang

#2 Happy

#3 Rhinopeacock

#4 Split

#5 Caught In The Act

#6 Have A Headache

#7 Wildlife Photograbear

#8 Mother Returned From Her Parents Meeting From School

#9 Yoga Bear

#10 First step to learning to dance!

#11 Crouching Tiger Peeking Moose

#12 Flying Hyena

Source: artifodoblog

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