The Healing Powers of The Star and Moonlight

The effect on sunlight is well known – both scientifically and intuitively – it wakes us up, energizes us, and brightens our moods.

But less talked about are the benefits of star and moonlight. We tend to be cooped up in our houses at night, sleeping for most of it, so many of us haven’t experienced the healing powers of the night.

They say that starlight awakens our higher chakras and opens the mind prior to sleep. “This allows our dreamtime travels to reach even higher and farther into the astral plane.” It also helps the unconscious to solve problems and create new ideas during our sleep. In essence – starlight allows for a more profound and restorative sleep.

Not surprisingly, the moon also has magical effects on our systems. Each phase of the moon has different effects, however all moonlight helps us to awaken our psychic and intuitive abilities, while bringing any lingering doubts or hidden fears to the surface, and clearing us of these psychic debris.

Starlight photos taken by Kai Cabunoc-Boettcher in Costa Rica

Primitive cultures – not surprisingly – have been more sensitively attuned to these lunar effects. And, starting roughly fifty years ago in the U.S., the Women’s Health Movement began to bring this ancient lore to the conscious awareness of modern women.

Women began studying and meditating on the moon’s symbolic, emotional, spiritual, and physical meaning. We learned countless interesting facts about how the moon’s passage through the sky affects our bodies.

We were fascinated to learn about the extremely unusual effects of the moon – for example, how female Macaque monkeys ovulate together at the full moon, and how they menstruate together at the new moon.

Louise Lacey’s Lunaception A Feminine Odyssey into Fertility and Conception informed us that the moon’s cycle stimulates the pineal gland deep in our brains, affecting the secretion of melatonin, an important sleep-related hormone that also regulates our ovulatory cycles.

In spiritual teachings, the pineal gland is widely associated with a subtle center of intuition in the brain, and considered a counterpart to the pituitary gland, the subtle seat of the mind.

The conjoining of solar and lunar energies in these glands is said to aid in opening the third eye, just behind the forehead, at the point between the eyebrows.

11048715_10208086026814953_7947402579189629114_nParamhansa Yogananda said that the third eye is the “broadcasting station” where we can talk with God, and that the center of subtle energy in the spine at the level of the heart is where we can hear God’s answers.

By calm meditative concentration at the spiritual eye and heart centers, we can experience the presence of divinity in our lives as a radiant, spreading joy. Talk about well-being!

Melatonin, the hormone secreted by the pineal gland in synchrony with the lunar and solar cycles, is now considered to be not just a promoter of sleep, but fundamental to an optimal aging process, and integral in the control of reproductive cancers, as well as an anti-inflammatory aid.

The city lights that never dim may interfere with the health-giving effects of these solar and lunar cycles. Living and working under artificial lighting may affect the normal functioning of the pineal gland, resulting in disturbed energy, sleep, and immunity.

In a previous article, I suggested the wisdom of “moon bathing.” It’s a most enjoyable practice. Simply walk barefoot on grass while absorbing the pale rays of the moon. I think you’ll enjoy the healing effects on your spirit, body, and mind.

Obviously, the most effective way to gain the benefits of star and moonlight is to get outside at night. However with light pollution, crisp air, and the allure of a comfortable, well-lit home, this isn’t always the most accessible option.

If you can’t get outside at night as often as you’d like, try placing Pink Green Mica, Moonstone, or any other crystals you may have outside over night. Place them under you pillow the next night, or let them infuse your water or tea before bed. You can also visualize the stars and the moon shining upon you as you’re falling asleep. Ask the energy of the night sky to continuously bless you as you drift off.


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