The Hottest Thing About You According To Your Birth Month!

The month in which we were born might give us some perception of our skills as a lover. Let’s take a little glimpse at our birth month to discover what kind of lover are we.


Few things are as hot as self-confidence and you’ve got a lot of it. Satisfying your partner and doing all the things they love isn’t a difficult for you. You also know what you want and you find it easy to ask for it, this expresses well of your capability to communicate.

 A character like yours is impeccable for helping a relationship mature. 


February lovers are forgiving and sweet. They have a desire for tenderness. Murmuring loving words to their partner is one of their fortes. They can also be very open with their lover and this states their susceptibility. It is easy for them to be their self.

The person they are is perfect so they don’t have to change anything!


No one will ever call them introverted. They love to discover and push boundaries. It is probable that they have attracted a partner who appreciates this. Since they are willing to be adventurous, their romance will always be full of spice and feel like it is untouched.

Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken!


The nurturing merits they own make you a strong lover. They’re a giver and like to please their partner. It is not in your character to be selfish and seeing your partner experience desire gives you pleasure. 

Preserve your present course and your relationship will be a long-lasting one.


May lovers love to enjoy themselves to the fullest. They appreciate having a fun time and nothing they do is taken too earnestly. This introduces a carefree and hot vibe into their relationship. Partners love being capable of laughing with one another when being intimate. Being exploratory is a trademark of those born in May.

Remain dedicated to living all the way up with your lover. 


They know what others say about the quiet ones! They have a habit of being very introverted in public, but behind closed doors, they’re loud and proud. It isn’t a problem for them to drop their hang-ups with someone you trust. They might be Diana, Prince or Clark Kent in public, but they can turn into Wonder Woman or Superman when the lights wind down.

This kind of dual persona can be very hot.


They’re a very mysterious lover. Their partner never sees what July lovers will do next. This supplements a lot of spice to their relationships and keeps them vibrant. No one is ever going to call them boring or suffer from a lack of enthusiasm when they are with people born in July.

They have a great personality that doesn’t need to be altered.


Their confidence can often come across as a prevailing behavior. They aren’t really dominant but they know what they want. They aren’t frightened to ask for new things. The lack of shyness will help them entice a partner that is also open and outgoing. Together, both of them will flourish and grow.

August lovers have a tendency to stick with their partner through good times and bad.


Their intelligence makes them inquisitive and talkative lovers. They want to inspire their mind so a good partner for them will engross their mind. They have a tendency to be a little more mature than others which are a plus and something their partner will admire in them. 

Loving you can be a challenge but being diligent is worth it. 


Being an unprompted lover is their trademark. It is usual for them to explore and be adventurous. They look for partners that are similar to them so that they’re never disenchanted. There is a thrilling side to their personality and this keeps their partner on their toes.

They bring fun to everything they do and this is a delightful quality.


November lovers can be very astounding. They don’t really stick to any explicit script. As an alternative, they prefer to discover new things on a consistent basis. Their behavior will classically be the contrary of how they behave in daily life. If they’re outgoing in public, coyness is common in intimate situations.

Their partner will always be very satisfied because they’re such an exceptional bundle.


It is usual for December lovers to restrain themselves as a significant other. They normally save wild experiences for special instances. They have to practice being more open with their partner. It is extremely important for them to be with someone they can totally trust.

They must look for a fostering partner that is eager to help them explore more.

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