The Length Of This Finger Is The Secret To Your Personality

If you want to find out more about a person, look at their hands. When it comes to analyzing body language, the hands say it all. You can also tell a lot about someone’s personality by looking at the length of their little finger.

Check out the picture below to see if you’re type A, B, or C. Then continue to read to discover more about your personality, it’s surprisingly accurate!


If you’re a type A, you find it difficult to show your emotions and some might perceive you as reserved. You’re introverted and find it hard to share your feelings, especially with people you’re not close to. People might think you are a strong and self-reliant person.

You strongly dislike dishonest and phony people since you are a straight forward and honest person. You’re also very loyal and you would do anything for the ones you love. You do expect the same thing in return.

To people you’re not that close with, you might come off as cold and standoffish. Some might even think you’re arrogant because you don’t have a lot of patience for annoying things or people.

You have a big heart that might only be seen by people that you are close to. Spending time with close friends and family is one of your favorite things to do, you’re always in for a good laugh.


Sensitive and loyal are your two main characteristics. If you’re in love, the lucky man or woman is the complete center of your universe and you’ll give them all the love that you have. Connecting with your loved one on a deeper level is extremely important to you.

At the same time, you are afraid of getting hurt so you’re careful not to show too much of yourself to other people. You like to be perceived as independent but deep inside you just want to find your soulmate.

Your career, family, education, friends; all of these things you are extremely committed to. You can do anything you set your mind to because of the hard work you put into it.

You’d like to avoid confrontations because this doesn’t align with your calm nature. Despite being uncomfortable in stressful situations, you always remain calm.


Type C? Optimistic is probably the best way to describe you. You are full of life and don’t see the point in holding grudges. Forgive and forget is something you don’t mind doing because there is simply no room for negativity in your heart.

You can come off as demanding and selfish when you’re in an argument because when you know you are right you will not give in. However, if you’ve gone too far and you know it, you will be the first to apologize.

People always know where they stand with you because you’re very straight forward. You respect other people’s feelings and opinions. You’re not that open, however, when it comes to your own emotions. You prefer to keep these to yourself.

Security and safety are things that you love. The unknown scares you a little bit and you, therefore, like to stay inside of your comfort zone. However, from time to time you might try something new.
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