The Most Narcissistic To Humble Signs Ranked

In the age of the “self love” and “self care” movement, focusing on yourself and your well-being is almost inviting us to become narcissists. The idea that people are better friends and partners when they are sure of themselves is an idea that certainly makes a lot of sense. However, some people do take this idea to the extreme, especially when we’re all pretty absorbed in things like social media and our personal brands. While taking care of yourself first can benefit other people besides yourself, our culture seems to promote narcissism to an unhealthy degree, which can sometimes be a detriment to our relationships.

If you’re looking to do a bit of self-reflection, we’ve put together a list of the least to most narcissistic people, based on their Zodiac signs. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, so try not to freak out too much if your Zodiac sign is placed in an unfavourable part of the list. However, if any of these traits resonate with you — whether it’s because you or someone you know behaves this way — you might want to make a few changes in your life. You may also want to give yourself a pat on the back if your sign is one of the least narcissistic ones. Just try not to gloat — you don’t want to come off as a narcissist, after all.

Here’s the signs ranked from LEAST To MOST likely to be narcissistic:

16. Water (Cancer, Scorpio Pisces): Your Mood Swings Can Lead You To Become Self-Indulgent And Even Controlling

If you’re a Water sign, you’re probably very intuitive and sensitive. You might even feel like you feel things more intensely than other people. Because you are an emotional and nurturing person, your sign is likely to be one of the less narcissistic ones, because caring for others can be really selfless and selflessness doesn’t really go with narcissism. Water signs are compassionate and try their best to very understanding.

However, as a Water sign, you might have the tendency to be a brooding individual, because you feel like you carry everyone’s worries all the time. Water signs can be susceptible to mood swings, to the point that they can sometimes be self-indulgent and even controlling. It might be difficult to argue with a Water sign when they feel this way, because they’ll be too wrapped up in their bad mood to think clearly.

15. Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Your Enthusiasm Can Be Perceived As Being Full Of Yourself

Fire signs can be extremely enthusiastic and some people even perceive them to have larger than life personalities. While fires can be beautiful, if left untended, Fire signs can burn out of control. While only one of these signs is deemed to be on the narcissistic side, it’s still best to watch out for them, if you don’t want to get burned.

Fire signs can also be an indicator of someone who is really creative, which might breed some narcissism. Some creative types like to live in their own world and want to share their ideas, because naturally, they think that their ideas are great. While they can be difficult at times, if you’re around a Fire sign, you’re probably around someone who is spontaneous and has a zest for life.

14. Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Can Be Greedy And Materialistic

People who belong to an Earth sign in their horoscope are usually very practical, grounded and dependable. Earth signs don’t really like to take big risks, because they would much bet on a sure thing. Earth signs are seen to be the builders of the Zodiac, which means that they are all about what is solid around them. An Earth sign might feel their best once they’ve amassed many possessions. Sometimes, the pursuit of these possessions breeds narcissism because taking care of other people might not be conducive to attaining all of the things that they want for themselves. Earth signs can be greedy and materialistic.

However, people under the Earth sign can also be quite dependable. You can usually count on to them be there for you when you need them.

13. Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): You’re Likely The One Talking A LOT – And Mostly About Yourself And Your Achievements

People with the Air sign are usually intelligent thinkers. They love to analyze things, so if you have a problem, you can expect an Air sign to want to work on fixing it for you. Air signs love to communicate, so if they’re narcissistic, they’re likely going to talk a lot — and mostly about themselves and their achievements. However, balance is important to people with the Air sign, so you might be fortunate in that some of them will be willing to work and compromise, even at the expense of their own needs, in order to solve conflicts that you may have.

Beware, though, because while people with the Air sign are generally pretty calm, they can definitely become cold towards you if you upset them, so watch your step.

12. Pisces Might Be Humble To A Fault

A Pisces might actually be the least narcissistic out of all the Zodiac signs, because of the way that they are always thinking of the people. They are very mindful of how your words and actions can impact people, so they always try to make sure that they treat everyone with kindness. Sometimes, it might seem like they’re in their own world, or that they go through life wearing rose-colored glasses, which could be difficult to deal with if you’re someone who likes to be a realist. Because they’re really not narcissistic, they may even feel more comfortable as a follower, rather than a leader, so that they’re never at the root of any kind of conflict. Of course, conflict isn’t always avoidable, so their need to make everyone happy all the time could get annoying.

11. Capricorns Are Too Dependable To Be Narcissistic

Capricorns are another sign who like to keep things one hundred, in terms of how they behave and treat other people. With a Capricorn, you get what you give. They always try to treat others the way that the would want to be treated. They are always mindful of how their actions can impact other people and, so they try their best to be fair to everyone. If you ever date a Capricorn, you can expect that conflicts will be handled with logical discussions, because they don’t get too emotional about anything. The problem you may encounter with a Capricorn is that their highly-logical way of thinking sometimes makes them seem like they’re a little cold-blooded. Of course, they aren’t — but trying to get their attention by tugging at their heartstrings might not be the way to go with a Capricorn.

10. Libras Enjoy Attention, But They’re Pretty Chill

Nobody’s perfect, and this is why being with a Libra can be like a double-edged sword sometimes. Like the other signs, Libras love to talk about themselves, and they certainly won’t shy away from someone who wants to praise them and boost their ego. They love when people talk about them in a positive light — but who doesn’t? The difference between a Libra and the other signs, is that they aren’t afraid to reciprocate the kindness that you show them. They are also very quick to give you a nice compliment, and they are always honest about the compliments that they give. Don’t expect fake behaviour from a Libra. They like to keep it real, and their honesty extends to the fact that sometimes, they want to be praised and adored just as much as you probably do.

9. Geminis LOVE To Talk About Themselves

If you’re with a Gemini, feel free to celebrate, as this sign is usually too kind and thoughtful to be much of a narcissist. The way that they like to (well, actually, love) to talk about themselves might make them seem really narcissistic, but in relationships, they realize that they can’t make people do what they want all the time, and are thus willing to compromise with you. What they really care the most about is that their needs are met, so if they get a sense that you don’t respect them, they will not respond well to you at all. Thought they’re open to compromise, they won’t be taken advantage of, and they’re more than happy to kick out all the people who they deem toxic from their lives.

8. A Cancer Can Be A Little Needy, So Pay Attention To Them

While they aren’t necessarily as narcissistic as most of the other Zodiac signs, Cancers are certainly not immune to their fair share of narcissistic tendencies. As a Cancer, they crave your constant attention, especially if you’re someone they’re in a relationship with. They can be very needy, and they desire to be validated by other people, so if you aren’t the type of person who humours this type of behaviour, beware of Cancers.

A Cancer can be a narcissist in the sense that they are aware of how much they bring to the table, so they expect the same from their partners. In general, Cancers can be quite thoughtful and kind people, so they’re pretty easy to get along with most of the time. They’re firm believers in the idea that you always get what you give, which is pretty logical, especially when relationships are concerned.

7. Sagittarius Can Be A Little Self-Centred

As a Sagittarius, you aren’t afraid of hurting people’s feelings, if you “have” to. When a Sagittarius perceives someone as a roadblock to the things that they want in life, they are quick to give those people the boot. They do care for other people, to a degree, but only whenever those people can be beneficial or convenient to them. While not the most narcissistic Zodiac sign, they aren’t always great relationship people, because they don’t always like to listen to other people’s feelings. However, they do care a great deal for their own, and will not hesitate to cut you out of their lives if you can’t fulfill their needs. As well, once you’ve angered a Sagittarius, it will be incredibly difficult to win back their affections, so be prepared to do some grovelling.

6. Aries Can Be Considerate At Times

As an Aries, compromise and sacrifice just isn’t your thing. However, you might be willing to try one of these crazy, foreign concepts for someone that you love. Because they are deeply ambitious and goal-oriented, you will have to do your best to keep up with an Aries if you expect them to show you any respect or affection. They have plenty of things that they want to accomplish in this life, and if you’re someone who they think will get in their way, they may decide that you’ve got to go. While the idea of compromise isn’t totally out of the question for an Aries, they can also be quite ruthless with how they act, so be prepared for some harsh criticism if they feel like you aren’t quite living up to their standards.

5. A Virgo’s Ego Won’t Let Them Lose An Argument

Virgos sometimes have the tendency to be a little self-obsessed. You might find that they spend an inordinate amount of time just talking about themselves on a date, before even asking one question about you. They also believe that they are the biggest genius in the room, which could explain the self-obessession. That is one trait that makes them narcissist. A Virgo cannot stand any kind of criticism, because they always need to be the best of the best. Unfortunately, all relationships are bound to have disagreements, which could mean a lot of drama, because a Virgo will never back down, even if they’re wrong, which could make them impossible to deal with. If you’re going to argue with a Virgo, make sure that you come prepared with solid proof to make your case valid to them.

4. An Aquarius Is Independent To A Fault

Being independent isn’t a bad thing. In fact, a lot of people might find independence very attractive. However, and Aquarius will rarely ever let their emotions get in the way of what they want to accomplish, which means that if reaching their goals means ditching you — they absolutely will. Aquariuses are very smart and are always setting out to try and accomplish great things in their life. If you’re with an Aquarius, expect that they’ll want you to be great, like them — just not greater than them.

They also love to be an inspiration for others, which can be a good thing, if you’re someone who needs a little push. However, beware, as they also like to be mysterious and complicated, so when they feel like there’s someone trying to steal attention from them, things could get ugly.

3. Scorpios Are All About What’s Best For Them

As a Scorpio, there are two aspects to your personality: First, there’s your potential to be the most attractive and likeable person ever. However, you can also become really difficult to get along with, especially when you aren’t getting your way. It’s as though you forget about having any sense of tact, which is not an attractive trait to have if you’re trying to impress a potential partner.

It’s almost as if you just don’t care about hurting people, so long as it means that you’ll get what you want in the end. Scorpios can also be a little self-righteous, so getting in their good graces could mean that you have to try and impress them for a long time, which can be exhausting. You might end up just losing interest and moving on.

2. A Leo’s Narcissism Isn’t Hard To Spot

Out of all the Zodiac signs, Leos are one of the most narcissistic. This is because no other Zodiac sign is a match to a Leo’s level of confidence and self-belief. Being in a relationship with them can be pretty difficult, because they’re almost impossible to work with, so compromises are pretty much out-of-the-question. Their self-obsessed ways also makes it hard for them to be thoughtful.

Leos also always want to be in the spotlight, to the point where your successes will make them unhappy, rather than feel like celebrating on your behalf. However, they will expect that you support and celebrate all of their accomplishments. Their charm might draw you in at first, but when they get comfortable around you, their true colours will show. When a Leo wants something, they’ll use any means necessary to get it, which could mean heartbreak for you.

1. If A Taurus Could Marry Themselves, They Just Might

It’s possible that you’re the king or queen of narcissism (sorry!). Tauruses need to build themselves up, which isn’t always conducive to building up your partner. Tauruses are pretty self-involved, so even if you’re start crying in front of them, you might not get the comfort and support you’re looking for.

If you’re dating a Taurus, it might not take you long to see that they are also very stubborn. They might not always listen to what you have to say, especially when it contradicts with their personal beliefs. They’d prefer that things be done a certain way (to their liking, always) which might make you feel like they’re sometimes intolerant your perspective or ideas. They hate it when people try and oppose them, because they think that their opinions are always correct. Their perfect partner might be themselves.

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