The One Thing That Will Destroy You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We all have our weaknesses. We may like to imagine that we can always stay strong, be positive, and make the right decisions, but every once in a while, we all break down. We’re only human, so we can’t help it—and when you have days, or even weeks or months like this, it’s nothing to feel ashamed of. Everybody has something that really gets to them. It’s like an emotional Achilles heel.

You may already have a pretty good idea of what your weaknesses are. As we grow older, we learn what has the power to really hurt us and what really gets under our skin. Are there predictors of the things that have the potential to destroy us? If you guessed that your zodiac sign has something to do with it, you’re right. Your Zodiac sign helps decipher what kind of personality traits you obtain. Therefor some of your traits may be your downfall in the long run. So we have a mini guide on what trait of yours will destroy you, so you can be aware…work on it, and be a better person for it!

Aries: People Will Definitely Be Turned Off By Your Stubborn Attitude

Aries, you are known for being an exceptionally stubborn sign. People may not realize it at first, but you definitely have a serious stubborn streak! It’s funny, because while you come across as spontaneous on the surface, you get pretty nasty if someone tries to disrupt any plans you did have. Here’s the thing, Aries—your stubbornness is going to bring you down hard at some point in your life. You’ll refuse to budge and cooperate with someone who could give you a great opportunity if you would just play by someone else’s rules for a while. Or you’ll get into an argument with someone who decides it’s finally the last straw, and they’re not dealing with your attitude anymore. When that day comes and you realize the people who have walked out of your life because of your stubbornness, it’s going to hurt, but it’s hard for you to change.

Leo: Being Arrogant Is Not A Good Look For You

Leo, you already know that your confidence can easily slip into arrogance. Are you ashamed of it? Well, not really. You view it as a positive quality, as aspect of your personality that will allow you to dominate any room. You think that your balancing act between confidence and arrogance can really impress people, and it often does—for a short period of time. But what happens when that arrogance prevents you from listening to valuable advice that would really benefit you, simply because you assume you know better than everyone else? What happens when you blow off a warning from someone in favor of your own misguided intuition and end up in big trouble? At some point in your life, your arrogance will get in the way of listening to someone else’s wisdom, and you’ll end up worse off because of it. It will be a valuable learning moment.

Sagittarius: You’ll Burn Relationships By Being Too Flakey

Sagittarius, you may like to think that Gemini is the flakey sign in the zodiac, but the truth is that you actually win first place in this particular category. You have serious commitment issues, and deep down, you already know that this is going to be your downfall someday. You can’t seem to stay in a serious relationship, no matter how happy you are at first. You hate the idea of settling down and living in one place, so you travel frequently—but it’s not really because of “wanderlust,” it’s because you just can’t find a single place that makes you feel truly satisfied without getting restless. And you even have trouble keeping close friends—sometimes, you treat people as though they are disposable. Eventually, this lifestyle will leave you feeling lonely and confused, wondering where to go or who to turn to when you need a shoulder to cry on.

Taurus: Your Self-Centered Nature

Taurus, the idea that you could ever be self-centered rarely crosses your mind. And that’s exactly why your self-centered nature is going to be the thing that destroys you. You do have a tendency to look out for yourself over anyone else. And most of the time, that’s not a big deal—honestly, it usually helps you avoid distractions, stay out of toxic relationships, and reach your goals without listening to those who doubt you. But sometimes, it can really come back to bite you. When you need someone to turn to, but you weren’t there for your friends during their hard times because you were too busy focusing on your own issues, who is going to be there for you? Taurus, it is better for you to realize sooner rather than later that being too self-centered will be detrimental to your life and your success in the long run.

Virgo: Your Shallow Personality Will Make You Miss Out On A Lot Of Things

Above all, Virgo, you praise yourself for being practical, reasonable, and level headed. You try to keep your head above any nonsense, and when you were a young kid, your friends’ parents always thought that you were a good influence. In fact, today your friends might even think of you as the “Mom” of your friend group! But sometimes, being “reasonable” means squashing your emotions and not dealing with them properly. It means telling yourself to suck it up when all you want to do is cry. It means ignoring your feelings of depression or anxiety because if other people have it worse, you feel like you don’t have the right to complain. Well, Virgo, being emotionally shallow can have disastrous consequences. Years from now, you might find yourself dealing with past trauma that you tried to brush off rather than processing it in a healthy way, and it won’t be pretty.

Capricorn: Overworking Yourself Too The Bone

Capricorn, you are super dedicated to your career. And if you’re still a student, you’re super dedicated to school and your future career. You’re extremely passionate about your field, and you know that success is the only option for you. You simply won’t allow yourself to fail. You’re the one who stays up for long nights in the library, who takes on those extra volunteer hours, who is always applying to internships that might turn into full-time jobs one day. And if you’re already working, you’re the star employee—the one who shows up early and leaves late, who always has a glowing performance review, who impresses every boss and coworker with your skills. But overworking yourself will definitely have a negative impact on you at some point in your life. You may get sick from stress or exhaustion, and you may end up rethinking how much time you spent in the office.

Gemini: You Guessed It, Two-Faced Is Not A Good Look For You

Gemini is represented by the symbol of the twins, so it’s no wonder that they have a reputation for acting two-faced. The dual nature of the Gemini personality means that they aren’t always doing it on purpose—they simply express dramatically different sides of their personality depending on who they are spending time with. When a Gemini’s different friend groups meet, they may feel surprised to see their Gemini friend acting so differently and feel slightly betrayed. However, this isn’t the true two-faced behavior. Geminis do occasionally completely backstab their friends. Gemini, you already know that many people are hesitant to trust you because you love to gossip, and you also have a tendency to end up on both “sides” of a disagreement between two people, telling them both that you agree even though you’re just trying to make yourself look good. Many of your close friendships will end because of this.

Libra: Being Way Too Materialistic And Not Appreciating The Little Things In Life

Libra, you may not think of yourself as materialistic. In fact, we’re going to go ahead and assume that this thought rarely crosses your mind. You might say that you “enjoy the finer things in life,” or that you simply “feel better when you look better.” Your friends probably know you as the girl who is always redecorating her room, updating her wardrobe, or posting new ideas on Pinterest. But the truth is that deep down, Libra, you are quite materialistic. Actually, scratch that—it’s right there on the surface for anyone who cares to look. And Libra, beware of trying to seek out your happiness in material things, because it will always leave you unsatisfied. People who value material objects over other passions might end up in debt, stuck in a job they dislike just so they can make enough to fund their shopping, or simply looking like a total hoarder.

Aquarius: Isolating Yourself and Being Anti-Social

Aquarius, you have never given much serious thought to fitting in. In fact, the last thing you want is to be like anyone else. You want to let your authentic self shine through at all times, even if this means being frequently misunderstood by the rest of society. You might wear odd outfits, listen to different music from other people in your friend group, or pursue an uncommon career path. Either way, it’s clear to anyone who spends time with you that you’re not interested in following the crowd, and you would simply prefer to do your own thing and not give in to societal pressure. However, you have to be careful not to isolate yourself—too much solitude and isolation can really tear you up inside. It can be tempting to want to segregate yourself from “the crowd,” but human beings are social creatures, and we all need friendly connections.

Cancer: Way Too Needy To Function

Cancer, you already know that you are sweet, sensitive, and caring—but below all of that, you have an extremely needy side to your personality. And sometimes, it drives your loved ones absolutely crazy. Cancer, your neediness can be extremely harmful to you. Just stop to think about it for a second. You may end up stuck in an extremely unhealthy relationship because you truly believe that you NEED this person in your life and without them, you are nothing. You may continue trying to seek approval from a toxic family member, an unsupportive boss, or even a professor because you believe that you NEED validation from this person to feel worthy as a human being. You may hang out with nasty “friends” rather than spend time alone because you just NEED some sort of company. Cancer, at some point, there’s no doubt that your neediness will get you stuck in a bad situation.

Scorpio: Hot-Headed and a Mean Temper Will Be Your Downfall

Scorpio, you don’t need us to tell you that you have a temper! You’re already perfectly aware of it. And in fact, you’re also aware of just how dangerous it is for you. Let’s face it, you’ve probably lost a good friend over a time that you blew up at them over something completely ridiculous. And you’ve probably offended a professor or a boss—and possibly gotten fired—because you totally lost it in class or at work, which is obviously inappropriate. And you may remember having a strained relationship with your parents or siblings growing up simply because you could not control your temper, and therefore, you were always the one picking fights. Scorpio, if it hasn’t already, your temper is really going to destroy you at some point. You’re going to yell at the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time, and it’s going to get ugly.

Pisces: Being Sensitive Will Get In The Way Of Your Happiness

Pisces, you of all people know that we live in an unforgiving world. The world is not kind to sensitive people like you. In fact, you often feel that you are pushed aside, dismissed, and ignored because you are introverted rather than extroverted. You know that others occasionally look down on you as immature because you get upset over things that they may perceive as unimportant. And you’re already aware that being a highly sensitive person only becomes more difficult as you get older—people are more understanding when you’re young, but as an adult, people will simply tell you to “grow up” and brush off your concerns. Pisces, you need to learn how to manage being a sensitive person in such an insensitive world, or your sensitivity will destroy you. You won’t be able to cope with all of the struggles of adulthood, and you’ll find yourself feeling lost and struggling.

Fire Signs: Love To Act Tough

Fire signs love to act tough. But while these signs may seem to have a super confident outlook, they are not unshakeable. Just like any other signs in the zodiac, fire signs can absolutely have their weak spots. They are typically just a lot better at hiding it. So while some signs (we’re looking at you, Pisces and Scorpio) will wear their hearts on their sleeves and let the whole world know when something has upset them, fire signs won’t usually act this way. It can be difficult to tell if a fire sign is genuinely upset about something because they usually act as though nothing could possible bother them. But fire signs do have their flaws, and just like any other human being, certain things can absolutely break them down. If you’re having trouble figuring out what a fire sign’s weak spot could be, just scroll right down for details.

Water Signs: Self Destructive Behaviors

Water signs, you are the group that is perhaps the most comfortable with your weak spots. You know exactly what hurts you and why. You know where you constantly slip up, and you know what aspects of your personality have the potential to hold you back in life. We mentioned that some air signs embrace qualities like this, and you do, too, but not in a healthy way. In fact, water signs are probably the group that is most susceptible to “limiting beliefs.” For example, a Scorpio just KNOWS that the emotional turmoil they experience so frequently is the thing that could ruin their relationships, their career, and their path to success. So they use this as an excuse to avoid relationships, demanding job opportunities, or even believing they could ever be successful. Listen up, water signs—you may have self destructive behaviors, but you do not always have to give in.

Air Signs: Way Too Many Dark Sides

Unlike fire signs and earth signs, air signs are generally very aware of their flaws and weaknesses. This doesn’t mean that they make much of an effort to change them—quite the opposite, really. Many air signs think that their weak points are just a part of their personality that cannot be altered, and others may even try to embrace them as a source of pride. While the first approach isn’t entirely wrong—we’ll never be able to fix ALL of our flaws—the second approach is completely misguided. For example, a Gemini who knows that they can be a bit of a backstabber might laugh it off and tell someone, “Yup, better watch what you say around me!” A Libra who hears that they are a control freak might take it as a compliment. But if air signs don’t face their dark sides, they might regret it in the long run!

Earth Signs: Focus Way Too Often On Your Strengths, Not Enough On Your Flaws

Earth signs, you are similar to fire signs in the sense that you would often rather ignore your weaknesses than acknowledged them. You like to believe that you’re totally put together, organized, and low maintenance. Your life is drama free, you have no problem making friends and getting along well with others, and you take good care of yourself—so what could possibly bring you down? Well, the answer varies for each earth sign, but no sign is perfect! Some earth signs may prefer to dismiss any possible flaws, but this will only hurt their personal growth and self development in the long run. Earth signs can have issues just like the other signs of the zodiac. So, Earth Signs tend to focus way too much on their strengths, and kind of ignore their flaws.

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