The Psychological Tricks of Astrology – Is There Enough Communication In Your Relationship?

If you want to actually build a healthy, lasting relationship, learning how to effectively communicate is essential. A couple will never be able to withstand the test of time if people are unable to communicate with one another. Being able to efficiently express your needs, wants, and feelings are crucial for a healthy romantic relationship. It’s necessary to take some time to evaluate, objectively, whether your current romantic relationship has robust communication or needs a little work. People who communicate effectively in their relationships collaborate with one another. A surefire sign that you are in a stable and healthy relationship is that you feel like you are indeed part of a team. This team dynamic serves your relationship well. While no one is perfect, there are certain things that we can all do to foster healthier romantic relationships.

While flawless communication shouldn’t be expected, there are some tell-tale signs that there is enough communication in your relationship that solidifies its health. And just like with everything, being open and willing to improve your communication skills is a necessary part of being in a healthy romantic relationship. As both individuals and as a couple, there are ways to develop your communication skills. Feeling respected and understood is the cornerstone of a healthy romantic relationship. Here are the signs that you are in a stable, healthy, and loving, passionate relationship based on your zodiac sign!

24. Sagittarius Men Have Difficulty Taking Potential Relationships Seriously

Sagittarius men love their freedom. Which is why Sagittarius guys have such a hard time being in a committed long-term relationship with anyone. Sagittarius men need to explore the dating world and expand their minds. They refuse to settle for anything less than what they think they want. In fact, Sagittarius men are often the single guys you meet at the bar. That’s because Sagittarius men have a really tough time figuring out how they feel about women. They struggle to decipher whether they are actually interested in someone for who she is or if they are just attracted to a woman for her physicality. Whatever the reason, Sagittarius men have a really hard time being able to communicate their feelings whether they are in a relationship or not.

23. The Funny Sagittarius Woman Is Such A Firecracker That She Forgets To Communicate With Her Partner

As by far the funniest one in the friend group, Sagittarius women are terrible communicators. Being the jokester doesn’t give the Sagittarius woman any time to take things seriously. In fact, Sagittarius women rarely choose to look at life from a sober perspective. Everything is a game to them. This can cause some serious problems when it comes to creating and building a stable romantic relationship with someone. Oftentimes, Sagittarius women have an unrealistic expectation of what a romance should look like. They think that everything is always beautiful rainbows and no one ever has their feelings hurt. But the truth is that relationships are messy. They are hard. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t worth it. In the end, the Sagittarius woman needs to learn how to be more realistic when it comes to her romantic relationships.

22. The Capricorn Man Forgets That People Are Not Perfect

Capricorn men need stability. However, when they are searching for a partner, they often try and find someone that ticks everything on their checklist. But the truth remains that this perfect person doesn’t exist. Capricorn men struggle to come to the realization that they may never find the ideal person for themselves. Focusing so much on their career and other life goals don’t allow the Capricorn man to honestly take a look at his feelings and emotions when it comes to his romantic life. This can be detrimental to his ability to communicate effectively in his romantic relationships. Without much practice, the Capricorn guy is usually terrible at sharing his emotions and feelings with a significant other. Taking some time to enjoy the simpler things in life that bring you joy might be the best medicine for a Capricorn guy.

21. The Capricorn Female Is Typically The Mom Of Her Friend Group Which Makes Her A Good Communicator In Her Romantic Life

In any relationship, you need someone who wears the pants. And the Capricorn woman is just that person. When it comes to romantic relationships, there is something so terribly effortless about the Capricorn female. She is someone who can easily book a reservation at a fancy restaurant and look fabulous doing it. When it comes to communication, the Capricorn woman has got it all figured out. She is someone who is on a whole other level. Capricorn women need men who understand them and accept them for who they are. Maintaining a healthy romantic relationship is not that difficult for the Capricorn woman! In the end, the Capricorn woman needs someone who allows her to be the one in control of the relationship, especially when it comes to initiating discussions about sensitive topics.

20. Aquarius Men Tend To Find Themselves On A Different Level Intellectually Than Everyone They Date

Aquarius men typically have an ideal person in mind to love which makes it hard for anyone to live up to. A dream is not reality. And that can be a very tough pill to swallow for many Aquarius guys. As a result, when women get too emotional, Aquarius men are known to run for the hills. Clearly, Aquarius men are not the best communicators when it comes to their romantic relationships. However, if the Aquarius man ever wants to have a healthy romantic relationship, he will have to learn to get comfortable feelings his emotion and sitting with those feelings. Since Aquarius men are not known for being emotionally available, maintaining a healthy relationship becomes quite the challenge. However, it is essential that the Aquarius man explore his more sensitive side if he ever wants to have a successful romantic relationship.

19. The Aquarius Woman Is Someone Who Is Fiercely Independent And Struggles To Communicate In Her Relationships

Aquarius women need their space. They are not great at communicating. Period. Whether its romantic partners, family members or friends, Aquarius women just don’t like to have to explain themselves all the time. Instead, they choose to be alone. This doesn’t mean they are anti-social. But they thrive on being independent women who are fierce and strong. If anyone pisses off an Aquarius woman, there is no turning back. She will hold a grudge for a lifetime. That is why it can be challenging for an Aquarius woman to maintain a long-lasting romantic relationship. They need a romantic partner who understands that they need their space. Eventually, the Aquarius woman will show some emotion, and a man will swoop in to snatch her.

18. Pisces Men Have Trouble Welcoming People Into Their World

Pisces men can lose track of their feelings when they are in a romantic relationship. These guys are the ones who are hopelessly in love all the time. They romanticise what it means to be in a committed relationship. Unfortunately, that means that Pisces guys are usually the ones that struggle with communicating their true feelings with their partners. They don’t want to rock the boat. But that just hurts them in the end. Because for any relationship to withstand the test of time, there needs to be robust communication. Once the Pisces guy can learn how to follow through when it comes to relationships and trust that his feelings are not going to lead him astray, he can maintain a healthy romantic love life.

17. The Sensitive Pisces Woman Will Eventually Be A Good Communicator Once She Opens Up

With so much compassion, the sensitive Pisces woman is someone who can build up towards being an effective communicator in her romantic relationships. Although it won’t come naturally, she is capable of breaking down her walls and letting her partner see her for who she is. Once this happens, she can open up more about her feelings and emotions. This breakthrough is the only way to get a sensitive Pisces woman to communicate efficiently in any relationship, especially a romantic one! With so many fantastic character traits, being a creative person is something that attracts many suitors to the Pisces woman. In the end, the Pisces woman needs a man who doesn’t make her feel pathetic for being slow to open up. Without any pressure, the Pisces woman can become a terrible communicator.

16. An Aries Man Needs Total And Complete Honesty When It Comes To Love

Aries guys are incredibly straightforward. When your Aries guy thinks your dress is a little much they are unafraid to tell you. There is absolutely no sugar-coating when it comes to the guy born under the sign of Aries. Aries men are all about telling the truth in their romantic relationships. We all know that honesty is the cornerstone of any healthy romantic relationship. You can rest assured that you get all the honesty you need from an Aries guy in a romantic partnership. While you might have to learn to deal with his straightforwardness, there is never a lack of communication when you are with an Aries man. In the end, if you are looking for a super honest guy, the Aries man is your dude.

15. An Aries Woman Will Feel Seen And Heard In Her Romantic Relationship

For a relationship to withstand the test of time, there needs to be ample communication. And communication is a two-way street. It’s never up to just one partner to be the communicator. Both partners need to actively participate if they want to cultivate a healthy romantic relationship. For an Aries women, being seen and heard is how she knows that the connection is sincere and strong enough to withstand the challenges that come with a long-term relationship. Whenever an Aries woman communicates something to her partner, she needs to feel like what she is saying is actually being listened to! When each partner feels values in the relationship, there is no stopping them! In the end, an Aries woman needs to know that her partner understands her and acknowledges her emotions.

14. A Taurus Man Needs To Be Willing To Listen To His Partner

While it is necessary to know when to speak up in any romantic relationship, being able to listen is just as important. For a Taurus man, listening is his forte. Taurus men are great communicators because of their incredible ability to listen to the needs of their partners. With communication being such a pivotal component of any truly healthy relationship, being able to not only speak but actually listen is vital. So often we may be all too consumed with being right that we fail to listen to our partners. This is where the Taurus man excels in life. He has a super-laser-focused hearing, especially when it’s his partner who is doing all the talking! In the end, a Taurus man is an excellent communicator.

13. A Taurus Woman Should Avoid Relationships Where She Feels Belittled

Do you want a clear sign that you and your partner understand the importance of excellent communication? All you have to do is notice if he makes you feel belittled. Taurus women can be easily manipulated by men. As a result, Taurus women often find themselves in toxic relationships. However, when they discover someone who understands that they deserve better, they can learn what it means to have a great partner who knows how to communicate. Disagreements are bound to happen, even the healthiest relationships. However, it’s how you handle these arguments that acknowledge how good or bad you are at communicating. Whenever a fight or argument happens, does your partner belittle you? If you are a Taurus woman or any woman for that matter, you should definitely run for the hills.

12. A Gemini Man Needs A Partner Who Talks About More Than Just The Day-To-Day Stuff

Communicating with your partner is not the same thing as talking to them. And the Gemini man knows the importance of this distinction all too well. The Gemini man understands how essential small talk about your day-to-day lives really is when forming a strong emotional bond with a partner. However, a Gemini man also knows that to have a profound connection, you need to talk about more than just surface level things. Communication is more than merely making small talk with your partner. It involves getting to know them on a soul-level. Really understanding what makes them tick. This is what the Gemini man needs so that he knows your bond can withstand the test of time. In the end, the Gemini man is an excellent communicator because he knows how to connect with his partner.

11. A Gemini Woman Who Doesn’t Feel The Need To Hold Back Has Found Her Soulmate

It is entirely healthy, even natural to feel uncomfortable talking about specific topics with your partner. And the Gemini woman knows that situation all too well. However, the reason a Gemini woman is such a fantastic communicator is that although the conversation may be uncomfortable, she doesn’t run away from it. Instead, the sign of an excellent communicator is someone who is unafraid to talk about scary things with their partners. This only strengthens your bond. The Gemini woman avoids partners who don’t understand her feelings. She chooses men who are open and willing to accept her for who she is, flaws and all. When there is enough communication, the Gemini woman doesn’t feel the need to hold back and is able to talk with her partner about virtually anything and everything.

10. A Cancer Man Who Can Talk About What Is Bothering Him Right Away Has Excellent Communication Skills

Do you want to know the real mark of a couple with impeccable communication skills? It’s when both partners can talk about what is bothering them without feeling like they are a burden. In fact, the Cancer man is someone who combines sensitivity with excellent communication skills. Instead of letting whatever is bothering him fester, the Cancer man will usually bring up an issue to his partner as soon as possible. A couple with excellent communication skills can comfortably talk about problems as soon as they arise. Instead of speaking in the heat of the moment, the cancer guy is very attuned to the right timing of bringing things up. This makes for an incredible communicative partner. In the end, the Cancer man is a beautiful person with exceptional communication skills.

9. A Cancer Woman Avoids Blow-Up Fights, But That Doesn’t Mean She Is A Bad Communicator

If every tiny little argument ends up turning into a screaming match, you know you need some work in the communication department. But when it comes to a Cancer woman, communication should be her middle name. She is not one to start confrontations. In fact, Cancer women are notorious for running away from any sign of confrontation. They really do avoid it like it was the plague. A Cancer woman is someone who tends to quickly work through any argument she may find herself in. The people-pleaser in her comes out with a vengeance and will resolve any issues swiftly. The savvy Cancer woman is able to work through disagreements with her partner like a champ. In the end, the Cancer woman sees her relationship as something that needs to be nurtured and loved and not argued with.

8. Leo Men Know Exactly When To Communicate With Their Partners

As beautiful as healthy communication can be, knowing the right time to have a conversation with your significant other is essential in a healthy romantic relationship. When it comes to really recognizing the perfect time to bring up a sensitive topic, Leo men reign supreme. The Leo man is such an excellent communicator because he knows just when to bring something up to his partner. Admittedly, he wouldn’t dare bring up something that could cause an outburst in a public place or during Thanksgiving dinner with her parents. He chooses his moments wisely which is precisely why the Leo man makes for an excellent communicator in any relationship but especially his romantic ones. In the end, the Leo man is someone who is wise about effective communication in his romantic relationships.

7. Leo Women Understand The Importance Of Healthy Communication In Their Relationships

Ultimately, it can be hard to know how much communication is healthy. But the Leo woman has that down to a tee! Leo women tend to be exceptional communicators in their romantic relationships. They know what it means to have a mutual partnership! With plenty of honesty and mutual respect, Leo women make fabulous girlfriends and wives. Being with a Leo woman is definitely going to open you up and allow you to see the amazement of being an excellent communicator. The importance of healthy communication is never lost on the Leo woman. Her roar is loud, and she is strong, but she also knows that speaking her truth is essential for a healthy relationship to withstand the test of time. In the end, a Leo woman needs a partner who shares her desire for communication in a relationship.

6. Most Virgo Men Struggle To Find Someone Who Accepts Them For Who They Are

Despite their practicality, Virgo men can sometimes struggle with being excellent communicators in their romantic relationships. While they rarely show it, Virgo men are earthy and incredibly sensual. Letting go os his need to be perfect can hinder his romantic relationships. Without communicating what is bothering him, the intimacy in his romantic relationships typically suffers. However, once he finds the woman who opens him up, only then will he be able to attain true love. The Virgo man will need a woman to swoop in and teach him the importance of healthy communication in his love life. Once this happens, and the Virgo man is accepted for who he is, only then is he able to finally allow himself to open up and communicate with his partner.

5. Most Virgo Women Are Sweethearts Who End Up Being Very Talkative

Virgo women are real sweethearts. They are typically found putting their all into their relationships and really trying hard to make things work. Being independent and level-headed are just some of the attractive qualities that make Virgo women such a catch. While communication is excellent, Virgo women tend to take it to an extreme. They can often become very talkative with their partners. Sharing every second of their day with them. This can be overwhelming for the man who is not prepared for this level of attention in his romantic relationships. Without much spontaneity, Virgo women need partners who can appreciate their routine nature and don’t push them way too far out of their designated comfort zones. In the end, the Virgo woman makes a great partner if you can handle her personality.

4. Libra Men Tend To Suck At Relationships Because They Can’t Communicate Effectively

Libra men really have a hard time being able to communicate effectively with their partners. Although Libra men are usually able to see both sides of an argument, they are too stubborn to admit when they are wrong. This can lead to divisive conflict within a romantic relationship that could lead to toxicity. In fact, it is a Libra guy who really struggles with making decisions in his romantic relationships. Even when he stops having feelings for his partner he is likely to stay it out because he can’t decide when to end things. To make a relationship withstand the test of time, Libra men need to stand their ground and own up to their mistakes. Otherwise, the potential for a happy and healthy relationship is doomed from the start.

3. The Humble Libra Woman Is Not That Great At Communicating Her Needs To Her Partner

The Libra woman doesn’t seem to understand how incredibly attractive she really is. As a result, she tends to not voice her opinion for fear of stirring the pot in her romantic relationships. The first thing that the Libra woman needs t learn is that apologizing to her partner is not necessary. Especially when she hasn’t done anything wrong. Most women apologize way too often, and a Libra woman is no exception. Standing up for herself is crucial in any romantic relationship. The Libra woman needs to learn how she can make her needs known to her partner if she wants the relationship to ever withstand the test of time. In the end, the Libra woman means well but ends up hurting herself by not voicing her opinions and desires.

2. Scorpio Men Have A Difficult Time Letting People Know How They Feel About Them

Scorpio men are genuinely devoted to their partners. But that doesn’t mean they let them know how they feel about the people they truly love. Scorpio men need a partner who isn’t threatened by their big heart and inability to communicate their feelings. Male Scorpios tend to be mysterious which is excellent when dating. However, when you find yourself in a long-term relationship, your partner is likely to want to know more than just surface level things. And this can be challenging for the quiet Scorpio man. Being so passionate about someone is great, but it only helps your relationship if you actually let them know how you feel. Otherwise, they are just left in the dark trying to guess how you think of them which can drive anyone insane.

1. Scorpio Women Have Fun In Relationships But Struggle With Communicating This With Their Partners

Scorpio women have a very intense side to them. This doesn’t make communicating with their partners any easier. Scorpio women are notorious for being great at long-term relationships. In fact, you will rarely find a Scorpio woman single for too long. Being a little controlling can make any guy a little skittish. But you make it up by being your fun and casual self on the regular. However, when it comes to communicating your feelings with your partner, the Scorpio woman is not that great. She often finds that being so vulnerable and open is a struggle. But knowing how intense you are, you need to release and share those feelings and emotions. Otherwise, by bottling them up inside you are ready for a breakdown at any moment. And this is just not healthy at all.

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