The Reason Why Your Life Has Or Is Going To Improve In 2018, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

I always like to read my overall horoscope at the beginning of each year to look for themes and opportunities. While your horoscope is not going to determine your path in life, it can be a useful tool. Kind of like Google maps for your life. Knowing what’s ahead can help you avoid pitfalls and seize new opportunities you might otherwise overlook.

By Brandi Neal

“The year opened with a powerful Mars/Jupiter conjunction in no-nonsense Scorpio,” explained on its website. “This keeps you going where you want to go in life. It also brings a big injection of energy that powers your days and your long-range career and family plans. The sun, Venus, and Pluto clustered in pragmatic Capricorn will keep you grounded and on track. Enhanced charm and more pleasant social interactions are powerful additions to your life-skills toolbox, too.”

If you still want to make the most of the new year, pay attention. This is the reason why your life has improved or still will improve this year.

Aries Rules The World

The highest of highs and the lowest of lows made this past year disorienting for rams. However, you’re likely ending the year on a high note, and you’ll continue to ride that wave into 2018. “Look forward to success, praise, and pleasure, Aries!” noted. “Settle down and work relentlessly toward career and self-improvement goals. The year 2018 starts with your planet Mars conjoined with regal Jupiter in no-nonsense Scorpio. Prepare to rule!” wrote that Aries-born people who are feeling directionless, something that you’re not truly passionate about, or that is not a good fit, could come to an end, and this is a good thing. Look at it as an opportunity to explore and go after what you really want.

Taurus Finds Fulfillment

Taurus, you are primed to find fulfillment in every area of your life in 2018, thanks to Jupiter having your back. “The year begins with Jupiter, the planet of luck and support, moving comfortably through your relationship sector,” noted. “Jupiter remains here until Nov. 8, and during these months you’ll notice the most brilliant potential to experience depth and fulfillment with people you do business with, and in your personal life.”

Additionally, explained that the presence of Venus on New Year’s Day will fill the bull with energy and beauty. This is a great time to make changes, and discard anything that’s not working for you. Taurus, in 2018, don’t accept anything less than you deserve.

Gemini Enjoys Career Success

The cosmic stage is set for the twins to achieve career success beyond their wildest dreams. “If you’re in the freelance business, you might have so many people vying for your services that you have to turn down offers,” predicted. “If you are looking to make a job change, you’ll find one that is more in-line with your true calling in life.”

Gemini, change is afoot in 2018, but that’s no problem for you. Seize opportunities to completely change your life for the better. “Expect 2018 to bring you improvements and some changes of direction in your social life and career. You could step into a new world,” noted.

Cancer Makes Big Decisions

Cancer, 2018 is a year of big life-changing decisions for the crab. If there are things in your life that aren’t working, it’s time to make a clean break. “It won’t be an easy decision either way, but as 2018 begins you’re likely to feel that gnawing sense that there is work to be done in the partnership department,” advised.

Additionally, noted that the cosmos will support you no matter what you decide, and the decisions you make in 2018 are ultimately up to you. Don’t look to others to give your life direction. “A lunar eclipse in January with the moon in Leo could thrust you further into the spotlight than you’d like. No matter. It’s a growing experience that shows you how to better take charge and act with authority.”

Leo Gets Their House In Order

Leo, 2018 is the year to get your life in order, and Jupiter stationed in your house of home and family could result in some unexpected benefits — like moving into your dream home. “During this time you might finally move into your dream home, or something that fits your ideal of the perfect living situation,” noted. “There’s something about where you live this year that lends itself to feelings of freedom, peace, and happiness. called 2018 a “golden year” for the lion where Leo will have a bevy of exciting opportunities. However, act wisely as any decisions you make will have far-reaching consequences. “When the sun enters Leo, there is a grand earth trine, with Uranus in well-anchored Taurus, Venus in methodical Virgo, and Saturn and Pluto in pragmatic Capricorn. What you achieve in 2018 can be made to last.”

Virgo Takes An Honest Look At Love

Matters of the heart are where it’s at for Virgo in 2018. If you’ve been searching for relationships that offer depth and purpose, this is your year. “While romance won’t be easy, or carefree, there is the potential for you to learn a great deal about yourself and the kind of mate that makes you feel truly supported in life,” wrote. “You, Virgo, want substance in a relationship. In 2018, if you’re willing to take an honest look at your love life, you may very well achieve this.”

“Intense” is how described 2018 for Virgo, and noted that 2018’s Mercury Retrograde cycles will empower the virgin. “After each retrograde, feel impassioned about yourself and your life, and watch everything fall into place for you.”

Libras Embraces Transitions

You hate conflict and struggle to make decisions. However, Libra, in 2018 you might be forced to take the lead in many areas of your life and step up your adulting game. “For some, this will be a year of heightened domestic responsibility. Perhaps one of your parents is getting older and needs more of your help,” speculated. “It’s also possible that someone else in your family is going through a difficult time and is relying on you more than usual. If any of these situations occurs, your task will be to embrace your newfound responsibilities as realistically as possible.”

The scales are often looked to for advice and leadership, and while you might embrace this, some Libras has been playing this role their entire lives and it could become tiring. But, there is good news. If you’ve been struggling financially, also predicted that your money troubles could become a thing of the past in 2018.

Scorpio Rides A Wave Of Abundance

Scorpio, if 2017 had you feeling all dark and twisty, 2018 will be the exact opposite. “In fact, Jupiter will continue to provide you with opportunities and blessings until November 8. Because of this trend, you’ll look back on 2018 as a year of extraordinary personal growth and happiness.” explained that for a determined Scorpio, there are no roadblocks on the path to success in 2018. It’s true that your intense energy on New Year’s Day might keep some people at arm’s length, however when “pleasant Venus also conjoins the sun, all in Earth sign Capricorn. Big success and popularity are readily available this year.”

Sagittarius Gets Introspective

Sagittarius, if you’re usually super social, prepare to spend 2018 looking inward to find happiness. “This year you might find greater fulfillment if you spend more time alone, going within. Yes, Sagittarius: 2018 might prove to be a deeply reflective and soul-searching year,” noted. “This is mainly due to the fact that Jupiter, your ruling planet, will move through your 12th House of Spirituality and Solitude until Nov. 8. With Jupiter in this part of your chart, you’ll feel more content overall when you’re pursuing the things that make you happy on your own.”

If you’ve spent most of your life finding fulfillment from external sources, and the feeling of being alone terrifies you, 2018 is the time for Sagittarius to overcome this obstacle. While it might seem scary, getting to know yourself will ultimately help you move forward in your life.

Capricorn Finds Perspective

In 2018 the clouds will clear and give you some much-needed perspective. “Life makes more and better sense in 2018, Capricorn. A clearer perspective will make it much easier to achieve your goals and dreams,” noted. Additionally, while you may experience some anxiety this year, it’s important not to get mired down in obstacles. “Methodically work your way through them and emerge better organized and more respected than ever.” predicted 2018 to be filled with friends for Capricorn, with one person even helping you achieve a major goal. However, be careful not to over commit. Some people may be seeking you out and asking more of you because they’re picking up on your dependable nature. Remember, you don’t have to say yes to everything.

Aquarius Prepares For Major Changes

As David Bowies sang, “Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes (Turn and face the strange),” is going to be the theme for Aquarius in 2018. “The most fundamental changes to your daily life could begin to happen this year,” predicted.” Since you are generally known for going your own way, and the cosmos are lined up to support you, the changes you experience this year should have a positive outcome, even if it doesn’t feel that way at first.

“As the year begins you might feel as if you’ve reached a turning point. Perhaps you’re ready to say goodbye to a relationship that is no longer serving you; either personally or professionally,” wrote. “Jupiter will offer you the most brilliant career prospects for most of the year… If you’re considering starting a new business, go for it! This will also be a year for promotion, honors, and a positive change in status.” Carpe diem, Aquarius. The world is yours for the taking.

Pisces Searches For Meaning

For the already pensive Pisces, intuition kicks into high-gear for the fish in 2018. “On New Year’s Day, the moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune are all in water signs,” noted. “You have keen sensitivities and sharp insights and intuition all year long.” Additionally, speculated that 2018 will be a year of searching for meaning and answers for Pisces.

“This might be a year you decide to embark on an intellectual or spiritual journey that truly expands your horizons. You can accomplish this by traveling to faraway lands and experiencing new cultural experiences. You can also achieve this by pursuing an advanced degree, license, or certification. One thing is certain: your thirst for wisdom must be quenched.” Whatever you desire to know in 2018, Pisces, the universe is conspiring to help you get answers.

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